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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Chief Executive Compensation and Corporate Groups in Japan: New Evidence from Micro DataKato, Takao
1994 Profit Sharing and Gainsharing: A Review of Theory, Incidence, and EffectsJones, Derek C.; Kato, Takao; Pliskin, Jeffrey
1995 Cooperate to compete: Employee participation and productivity ; evidence from a new survey of Japanese firmsKato, Takao
1995 The Productivity Effects of Human Resource Management Practices: Evidence from New Japanese Panel DataKato, Takao; Morishima, Motohiro
2005 Executive compensation, firm performance, and corporate governance in China: evidence from firms listed in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchangesKato, Takao; Long, Cheryl
2005 Executive compensation, firm performance, and chaebols in Korea: evidence from new panel dataKato, Takao; Kim, Woochan; Lee, Ju Ho
2006 CEO turnover, firm performance and enterprise reform in China: evidence from new micro dataKato, Takao; Long, Cheryl
2007 Discrete innovation, continuous improvement, and competitive pressureGhosh, Arghya; Kato, Takao; Morita, Hodaka
2007 The impact of teams on output, quality and downtime: an empirical analysis using individual panel dataJones, Derek C.; Kato, Takao
2007 Market characteristics, intra-firm coordination, and the choice of human resource management systems: Evidence from new Japanese dataKato, Takao; Owan, Hideo
2007 Earnings tenure profiles: tests of agency and human capital theories using individual performance dataDong, Xiao-yuan; Jones, Derek C.; Kato, Takao
2008 Performance spillovers and social network in the workplace: evidence from rural and urban weavers in a Chinese textile firmKato, Takao; Shu, Pian
2008 Tournaments and managerial incentives in China's listed firms: new evidenceKato, Takao; Long, Cheryl
2008 The effects of human resource management practices on firm productivity: Preliminary evidence from FinlandJones, Derek C.; Kalmi, Panu; Kato, Takao; Mäkinen, Mikko
2008 The incidence and determinants of employee involvement: Evidence from the Finnish manufacturing sectorJones, Derek C.; Kalmi, Panu; Kato, Takao; Mäkinen, Mikko
2009 Adverse workplace conditions, high-involvement work practices and labor turnover: evidence from Danish linked employer-employee dataCottini, Elena; Kato, Takao; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2010 Quotas and quality: The effect of H-1B visa restrictions on the pool of prospective undergraduate students from abroadKato, Takao; Sparber, Chad
2010 High performance work practices and employee voice: A comparison of Japanese and Korean workersBae, Kiu-sik; Chuma, Hiroyuki; Kato, Takao; Kim, Dong-bae; Ohashi, Isao
2010 The productivity effects of profit sharing, employee ownership, stock option and team incentive plans: Evidence from korean panel dataKato, Takao; Lee, Ju Ho; Ryu, Jang-soo
2011 Competition, group identity, and social networks in the workplace: Evidence from a Chinese textile firmKato, Takao; Shu, Pian