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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Cairo evaluation clinic: Thoughts on randomized trials for evaluation of developmentKarlan, Dean
2009 Group versus individual liability: Long term evidence from Philippine microcredit lending groupsGiné, Xavier; Karlan, Dean
2009 Expanding microenterprise credit access: Using randomized supply decisions to estimate the impacts in ManilaKarlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2010 Getting to the top of mind: How reminders increase savingKarlan, Dean; McConnell, Margaret; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Zinman, Jonathan
2012 Agricultural decisions after relaxing credit and risk constraintsKarlan, Dean; Osei-Akoto, Isaac; Osei, Robert Darko; Udry, Christopher
2012 Hoping to win, expected to lose: Theory and lessons on micro enterprise developmentKarlan, Dean; Knight, Ryan; Udry, Christopher
2012 You can pick your friends, but you need to watch them: Loan screening and enforcement in a referrals field experimentBryan, Gharad; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2012 A personal touch: Text messaging for loan repaymentKarlan, Dean; Morten, Melanie; Zinman, Jonathan
2012 Hey look at me: The effect of giving circles on givingKarlan, Dean; McConnell, Margaret A.
2012 The impact of consulting services on small and medium enterprises: Evidence from a randomized trial in MexicoBruhn, Miriam; Karlan, Dean; Schoar, Antoinette
2012 Looking beyond the incumbent: The effects of exposing corruption on electoral outcomesChong, Alberto; De La O, Ana L.; Karlan, Dean; Wantchekon, Leonard
2013 Win some lose some? Evidence from a randomized microcredit program placement experiment by Compartamos BancoAngelucci, Manuela; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Follow the money: Methods for identifying consumption and investment responses to a liquidity shockKarlan, Dean; Osman, Adam; Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Continued existence of cows disproves central tenets of capitalism?Anagol, Santosh; Etang, Alvin; Karlan, Dean
2013 Probability of fertilizer: Experimental evidence from female rice farmers in MaliBeaman, Lori; Karlan, Dean; Thuysbaert, Bram; Udry, Christopher
2013 Savings by and for the poor: A research review and agendaKarlan, Dean; Ratan, Aishwarya Lakshmi; Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Long-run price elasticities of demand for credit: Evidence from a countrywide field experiment in MexicoKarlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Mixed method evaluation of a passive mHealth sexual information texting service in UgandaJamison, Julian; Karlan, Dean; Raffler, Pia
2013 Targeting ultra-poor households in Honduras and PeruKarlan, Dean; Thuysbaert, Bram
2014 Savings by and for the poor: A research review and agendaKarlan, Dean; Ratan, Aishwarya Lakshmi; Zinman, Jonathan