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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Networked Innovation: The British Model of Industry-University CollaborationKarbowski, Adam
2009 Changing consumption patterns. The case of Polish health campaign ‘Drink milk. Grow to be great!’Karbowski, Adam
2013 Controversy over the economic justifications for patent protectionKarbowski, Adam; Prokop, Jacek
2013 R&D cooperation and industry cartelizationProkop, Jacek; Karbowski, Adam
2014 Social discounting rate is negatively correlated with fluid intelligenceOsiński, Jerzy; Ostaszewski, Paweł; Karbowski, Adam
2015 Conditional and unconditional bidding in takeovers: experimental evidenceKarbowski, Adam; Prokop, Jacek
2015 Social discounting: Choice between rewards for other peopleOsiński, Jerzy; Karbowski, Adam; Ostaszewski, Paweł
2015 Patent hold-up and royalty stacking: the case of multiple downstream firmsKarbowski, Adam; Prokop, Jacek
2016 Discussion on the Social Rate of Discount: from Sen to Behavioural EconomicsKarbowski, Adam
2017 Imagine-self perspective-taking and rational self-interested behavior in a simple experimental normal-form gameKarbowski, Adam; Ramsza, Michał
2017 The relationship between self-control and altruism in the light of discounting literatureOsiński, Jerzy; Karbowski, Adam; Rusek, Jan
2017 Delaying rewards has greater effect on altruism when the beneficiary is socially distantOsiński, Jerzy; Karbowski, Adam
2017 Institutional underpinnings of the development of knowledge sub-systems in Central and Eastern EuropeKarbowski, Adam
2018 Controversies over the moral justification for patent protection in biotechnologyKarbowski, Adam
2018 R&D spillovers and cartelization of industries with differentiated productsProkop, Jacek; Karbowski, Adam
2019 The Impact of Vertical R&D Cooperation on Market Performance of FirmsKarbowski, Adam; Prokop, Jacek
2019 Greed and fear in downstream R&D gamesKarbowski, Adam
2019 Cooperative and non-cooperative R&D in product innovation and firm performanceKarbowski, Adam
2021 Forms of forfaitingKarbowski, Adam