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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Conspicuous consumption, inequality and debt: The nature of consumption-driven profit-led regimesKapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard
2012 Debt, Boom, Bust: A Theory of Minsky-Veblen CyclesKapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard
2012 Democracy in liberalism and neoliberalism: The case of Popper and HayekKapeller, Jakob; Pühringer, Stephan
2014 Correcting wealth survey data for the missing rich: The case of AustriaEckerstorfer, Paul; Halak, Johannes; Kapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard; Springholz, Florian; Wildauer, Rafael
2014 The return of the rentier. Review of 'Capital in the 21st century' by Thomas PikettyKapeller, Jakob
2014 From Free to Civilized Markets: First Steps towards EutopiaKapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard; Tamesberger, Dennis
2015 Verteilungstendenzen im Kapitalismus: Nationale und Globale PerspektivenKapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard
2015 Verteilung und Gerechtigkeit: Philosophische PerspektivenKapeller, Jakob; Aistleitner, Matthias; Fölker, Marianne; Mohr, Franz X.; Pühringer, Stephan
2015 Die Macht der Wissenschaftsstatistik und die Entwicklung der ÖkonomieKapeller, Jakob; Aistleitner, Matthias; Fölker, Marianne
2015 The Micro-Macro Link in Heterodox EconomicsGräbner, Claudius; Kapeller, Jakob
2016 Government Policies and Financial Crises: Mitigation, Postponement or Prevention?Kapeller, Jakob; Landesmann, Michael; Mohr, Franz X.; Schütz, Bernhard
2016 Monocular Accounting and its Discontents: The case of the stability and growth pactKapeller, Jakob; Dobusch, Leonhard; Wandl, Sabine
2016 The Power of Scientometrics and the Development of EconomicsKapeller, Jakob; Aistleitner, Matthias; Steinerberger, Stefan
2016 Government policies and financial crises: Mitigation, postponement or prevention?Kapeller, Jakob; Landesmann, Michael A.; Mohr, Franz X.; Schütz, Bernhard
2016 What's 'structural' about unemployment in Europe: On the Determinants of the European Commission's NAIRU EstimatesKapeller, Jakob; Heimberger, Philipp; Schütz, Bernhard
2016 Internationale Tendenzen und Potentiale der VermögensbesteuerungKapeller, Jakob; Springholz, Florian; Schütz, Bernhard
2016 A model-based measurement device in European fiscal policy-making: The ontology and epistemology of potential outputKapeller, Jakob; Heimberger, Philipp
2016 The performativity of potential output: Pro-cyclicality and path dependency in coordinating European fiscal policiesKapeller, Jakob; Heimberger, Philipp
2016 Internationaler Freihandel: Theoretische Ausgangspunkte und empirische FolgenKapeller, Jakob
2017 Is Europe Disintegrating? Macroeconomic Divergence, Structural Polarisation, Trade and FragilityGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard