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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Project monitoring and banking competition under adverse selectionKanniainen, Vesa
1999 Why to Invest in your Neighbor? Social Contract on Educational InvestmentPoutvaara, Panu; Kanniainen, Vesa
1999 Entrepreneurship, Economic Risks, and Risk-Insurance in the Welfare State.Ilmakunnas, Pekka; Kanniainen, Vesa; Lammi, Uki
2000 Term Length and the Quality of AppointmentsGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa
2000 Entrepreneurship in a Unionised EconomyLeppämäki, Mikko; Kanniainen, Vesa
2000 The Optimal Portfolio of Start-Up Firms in Venture Capital FinanceKanniainen, Vesa; Keuschnigg, Christian
2000 Enterprise Formation and Labor Market InstitutionsKanniainen, Vesa; Vesala, Timo
2000 Entrepreneurship, Economic Risks, and Risk Insurance in the Welfare State: Results with OECD Data 1978-93Ilmakunnas, Pekka; Kanniainen, Vesa
2000 Why is the Corporation Tax Not Neutral? Anticipated Tax Reform, Investment Spurts and Corporate BorrowingAlvarez JR, Luis; Kanniainen, Vesa; Södersten, Jan
2001 Bequests, Control Rights, and Cost-Benefit AnalysisGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Niskanen, Esko
2001 Start-Up Investment with Scarce Venture Capital SupportKanniainen, Vesa; Keuschnigg, Christian
2002 Innovation of Network Goods: A Non-Innovating Firm Will GainGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Mustonen, Mikko
2002 The Effects of Employment Protection on the Choice of Risky ProjectsGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa
2003 Income Taxes, Property Values, and MigrationGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Poutvaara, Panu
2004 Anonymous money, moral sentiments and welfareKanniainen, Vesa; Pääkkönen, Jenni
2004 Initial luck, status-seeking and snowballs lead to corporate success and failureGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Poutvaara, Panu
2004 Initial Luck, Status-Seeking and Snowballs Lead to Corporate Success and FailureGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Poutvaara, Panu
2005 The start-up and growth stages in enterprise formation : the"new view" of dividend taxation reconsideredKanniainen, Vesa; Kari, Seppo; Ylä-Liedenpohja, Jouko
2005 Nordic dual income taxation of entrepreneursKanniainen, Vesa; Kari, Seppo; Ylä-Liedenpohja, Jouko
2005 Income taxes, property values and migrationGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa; Poutvaara, Panu