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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 On the Structural Dimension of Competitive StrategyKaniovski, Serguei; Peneder, Michael
2001 What Follows Tertiarisation? Structural Change and the Role of Knowledge-based ServicesPeneder, Michael; Kaniovski, Serguei; Dachs, Bernhard
2003 Risk-Averse Monopolist with AspirationKaniovski, Serguei
2004 WIFO-Macromod. An Econometric Model of the Austrian EconomyBaumgartner, Josef; Breuss, Fritz; Kaniovski, Serguei
2004 A Long-run Macroeconomic Model of the Austrian Economy (A-LMM). Model Documentation and SimulationsBaumgartner, Josef; Hofer, Helmut; Kaniovski, Serguei; Schuh, Ulrich; Url, Thomas
2004 Employment and growth in an aging society: A simulation study for AustriaBaumgartner, Josef; Hofer, Helmut; Kaniovski, Serguei; Schuh, Ulrich; Url, Thomas
2005 Community Size, Heterogeneity and Voter TurnoutsKaniovski, Serguei; Mueller, Dennis C.
2005 Product Differentiation and Competitive SelectionKaniovski, Serguei
2008 A Decomposition of Austria's General Government Budget into Structural and Cyclical ComponentsKaniovski, Serguei; Pitlik, Hans; Steindl, Sandra; Url, Thomas
2015 The Probability of Legislative Shirking: Estimation and ValidationKaniovski, Serguei; Stadelmann, David
2016 The optimal use of exhaustible resources under non-constant returns to scaleAseev, Sergey; Besov, Konstantin; Kaniovski, Serguei
2017 The Optimal Use of Exhaustible Resources under Nonconstant Returns to ScaleKaniovski, Serguei