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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation for the Alleviation of Income PovertyKanbur, Ravi; Keen, Michael; Tuomala, Matti
1991 Jeux Sans Frontieres: Tax Competition and Tax Coordination when Countries Differ in SizeKanbur, Ravi; Keen, Michael
2002 Education, empowerment and gender inequalitiesKanbur, Ravi
2002 How workers get poor because capitalists get rich: A general equilibrium moel of labor supply, community, and the class distribution of incomeDasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2002 Class, community, inequalityDasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2003 Bridging communal divides: Separation, patronage, integrationDasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2003 Premature mortality and poverty measurementKanbur, Ravi; Mukherjee, Diganta
2003 Understanding the evolution of inequality during transition: The optimal income taxation frameworkKanbur, Ravi; Tuomala, Matti
2004 Non-welfarist optimal taxation and behavioral public economicsKanbur, Ravi; Pirttilae, Jukka; Tuomala, Matti
2004 Fifty years of regional inequality in China: A journey through central planning, reform, and opennessKanbur, Ravi; Zhang, Xiaobo
2004 Migration Selectivity and the Evolution of Spatial InequalityKanbur, Ravi; Rapoport, Hillel
2005 Community and anti-poverty targetingDasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2007 Should egalitarians expropriate philanthropists?Dasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2007 Turning a blind eye: costly enforcement, credible commitment and minimum wage lawsBasu, Arnab K.; Chau, Nancy H.; Kanbur, Ravi
2007 A theory of employment guarantees: contestability, credibility and distributional concernsBasu, Arnab K.; Chau, Nancy H.; Kanbur, Ravi
2008 Should egalitarians expropriate philanthropists?Dasgupta, Indraneel; Kanbur, Ravi
2009 Conceptualising informality: regulation and enforcementKanbur, Ravi
2009 Middlemen, non-profits, and povertyChau, Nancy H.; Goto, Hideaki; Kanbur, Ravi
2011 Contractual dualism, market power and informalityBasu, Arnab K.; Chau, Nancy; Kanbur, Ravi
2011 Latin American urban development into the 21st century: Towards a renewed perspective on the cityRodgers, Dennis; Beall, Jo; Kanbur, Ravi