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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Task-Biased Changes of Employment and Remuneration: The Case of OccupationsKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2011 Does it pay to be productive? The case of age groupsCataldi, Alessandra; Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2011 Are occupations paid what they are worth? An econometric study of occupational wage inequality and productivityKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2011 Does institutional diversity account for pay rules in Germany and Belgium?Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2011 Task-biased changes of employment and remuneration: The case of occupationsKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François
2012 The impact of educational mismatch on firm productivity: Evidence from linked panel dataKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François
2013 Part-time Work, Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Belgian Matched Panel DataGarnero, Andrea; Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2013 Sharp Teeth or Empty Mouths? Revisiting the Minimum Wage Bite with Sectoral DataGarnero, Andrea; Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François
2014 Minimum Wage Systems and Earnings Inequalities: Does Institutional Diversity Matter?Garnero, Andrea; Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2016 Wage Discrimination against Immigrants: Measurement with Firm-Level Productivity DataKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2016 Who Is Your Perfect Match? Educational Norms, Educational Mismatch and Firm ProfitabilityKampelmann, Stephan; Mahy, Benoît; Rycx, François; Vermeylen, Guillaume
2016 Wage discrimination against immigrants: Measurement with firm-level productivity dataKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François
2017 Short Notice, Big Difference? The Effect of Temporary Employment on Firm Competitiveness across SectorsGiuliano, Romina; Kampelmann, Stephan; Mahy, Benoît; Rycx, Francois
2018 L'union fait la force? Evidence for Wage Discrimination in Firms with High DiversityGrinza, Elena; Kampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, Francois
2018 Does education raise productivity and wages equally? The moderating role of age and genderKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François; Saks, Yves; Tojerow, Ilan