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1997 The determinants of BUND-future price changes: An ordered probit analysis using DTB and LIFFE dataKaiser, Ulrich
1997 The impact of political announcements on expectations concerning the starting date of the EMU - A microeconometric approach to the detection of event-dependent answering patterns in business surveysKaiser, Ulrich
1998 The impact of the introduction of the Euro on firms' expectations concerning export behavior, product innovation and foreign competition - An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Müller, Claudia
1998 The Impact of New Technologies on the Demand for Heterogenous Labour: Empirical Evidence from the German Business-Related Services SectorKaiser, Ulrich
1998 R&D cooperation and R&D intensity: theory and micro-econometric evidence for german manufacturing industriesKaiser, Ulrich; Licht, Georg
1998 Der Service Sentiment Indicator: Ein Konjunkturklimaindikator für den Wirtschaftszweig unternehmensnahe DienstleistungenKaiser, Ulrich; Buscher, Herbert S.
1999 The Service Sentiment Indicator - A Business Climate Indicator for the German Business - Related Services SectorKaiser, Ulrich; Buscher, Herbert S.
1999 Do Business-related Services Really Lag Behind Manufacturing Industries in the Business Cycle? Empirical Evidence on the Lead/Lag Relationship Between Business-related Services and Manufacturing Industries for GermanyKaiser, Ulrich; Voß, Katrin
1999 The impact of the introduction of the euro on firms' expectations: An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Stirböck, Claudia
1999 Measuring Knowledge Spillovers in Manufacturing and Services: An Empirical Assessment of Alternative ApproachesKaiser, Ulrich
1999 New technologies and the demand for heterogeneous labor: Firm-level evidence for the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich
2000 Einfache ökonometrische Verfahren für die KreditrisikomessungKaiser, Ulrich; Szczesny, Andrea
2000 Efficient Bargaining and the Skill-Structure of Wages and EmploymentKaiser, Ulrich; Pohlmeier, Winfried
2000 Einfache ökonometrische Verfahren für die Kreditrisikomessung: VerweildauermodelleKaiser, Ulrich; Szczesny, Andrea
2000 A note on the calculation of firm-specific and skill-specific labor costs from firm-Ievel dataKaiser, Ulrich
2000 Quantification of qualitative data using ordered probit models with an application to a business survey in the German service sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Spitz, Alexandra
2000 Collective wage agreements and the adjustment of workers and hours in German service firmsKaiser, Ulrich; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2000 Research Cooperation and Research Expenditures with Endogenous Absorptive Capacity: Theory and Microeconometric Evidence for the German Service SectorKaiser, Ulrich
2000 The performance of German firms in the business-related service sectors : a dynamic analysisvan Phu, Nguyen; Kaiser, Ulrich; Laisney, François
2000 Tarifverträge und Beschäftigungspolitik in DienstleistungsunternehmenKaiser, Ulrich; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm