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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Identifying conflict and violence in micro-level surveysBrück, Tilman; Justino, Patricia; Verwimp, Philip; Avdeenko, Alexandra
2010Identifying Conflict and Violence in Micro-Level SurveysBrück, Tilman; Justino, Patricia; Verwimp, Philip; Avdeenko, Alexandra
2012Remittances and labor supply in post-conflict TajikistanJustino, Patricia; Shemyakina, Olga N.
2016Redistribution, inequality and political participation: Evidence from Mexico during the 2008 financial crisisJustino, Patricia; Martorano, Bruno
2017Conflict and development: Recent research advances and future agendasBrück, Tilman; Justino, Patricia; Martin-Shields, Charles Patrick
2019Civic legacies of wartime governanceJustino, Patricia; Stojetz, Wolfgang
2019Winning or buying hearts and minds? Cash transfers and political attitudes in PakistanGhorpade, Yashodhan; Justino, Patricia
2019The effects of wartime institutions on households' ability to cope with shocks: Evidence for ColombiaIbáñez, Ana María; Arteaga, Julián; Cárdenas Campo, Juan Camilo; Arjona, Ana; Justino, Patricia
2019On the political and social consequences of economic inequality: Civic engagement in ColombiaJustino, Patricia; Arjona, Ana; Cárdenas Campo, Juan Camilo; Ibáñez, Ana María; Arteaga Vallejo, Julian
2020Riots and social capital in urban IndiaAghajanian, Alia; Justino, Patricia; Tranchant, Jean-Pierre
2020Trust in the Time of CoronaBrück, Tilman; Ferguson, Neil T.N.; Justino, Patricia; Stojetz, Wolfgang
2020Roots of dissent: Trade liberalization and the rise of populism in BrazilIacoella, Francesco; Justino, Patricia; Martorano, Bruno
2020Africa's lockdown dilemma: High poverty and low trustEgger, Eva-Maria; Jones, Sam; Justino, Patricia; Manhique, Ivan; Santos, Ricardo
2020Improving parenting practices for early child development: Experimental evidence from RwandaJustino, Patricia; Leone, Marinella; Rolla, Pierfrancesco; Abimpaye, Monique; Dusabe, Caroline; Uwamahoro, Diane; Germond, Richard
2020Trust in the time of coronaBrück, Tilman; Ferguson, Neil T. N.; Justino, Patricia; Stojetz, Wolfgang
2021Do pandemics lead to rebellion? Policy responses to COVID-19, inequality, and protests in the USAIacoella, Francesco; Justino, Patricia; Martorano, Bruno
2021An exploration of the association between fuel subsidies and fuel riotsMcCulloch, Neil; Natalini, Davide; Hossain, Naomi; Justino, Patricia
2022Wartime governance and state-building trajectories in post-conflict societiesJustino, Patricia
2022Community organization and armed group behaviour: Evidence from ColombiaGáfaro, Margarita; Ibáñez, Ana María; Justino, Patricia
2022The social consequences of organized crime in ItalyRolla, Pierfrancesco; Justino, Patricia