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1994Monetary Regimes, Inflation And Monetary Reform: An Essay in Honor of Axel LeijonhufvudBordo, Michael D.; Jonung, Lars
1998Pioneering price level targeting: The Swedish experience 1931-37Berg, Claes; Jonung, Lars
2000A return to the convertibility principle? Monetary and fiscal regimes in historical perspective. The international evidenceBordo, Michael D.; Jonung, Lars
2001Ohlin on the Great Depression: The popular message in the daily pressCarlson, Benny; Jonung, Lars
2005The boom-bust cycle in Finland and Sweden 1984-1995 in an international perspectiveJonung, Lars; Schuknecht, Ludger; Tujula, Mika
2008Inflation Targeting Is a Success, So Far: 100 Years of Evidence from Swedish Wage ContractsJonung, Lars; Fregert, Klas
2008Inflation Targeting Is a Success, So Far: 100 Years of Evidence from Swedish Wage ContractsFregert, Klas; Jonung, Lars
2009Financial crisis and crisis management in Sweden: Lessons for todayJonung, Lars
2011The forecasting horizon of inflationary expectations and perceptions in the EU. Is it really 12 months?Jonung, Lars; Lindén, Staffan
2011The Stability and Growth Pact: Lessons from the Great RecessionLarch, Martin; van den Noord, Paul; Jonung, Lars
2012Public Support for the Single European Currency, the Euro, 1990 to 2011. Does the Financial Crisis Matter?Roth, Felix; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2014The Swedish Experience of Fiscal Reform: Lessons for PortugalJonung, Lars
2014Reforming the Fiscal Framework. The Case of Sweden 1973-2013Jonung, Lars
2015The Return of the Original Phillips curve? An Assessment of Lars E. O. Svensson's Critique of the Riksbank's Inflation Targeting, 1997-2012Andersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars
2016How is the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Performing? An Independent Evaluation of the First Years of IFACJonung, Lars; Begg, Iain; Tutty, Michael G.
2017How Tolerant Should Inflation-Targeting Central Banks Be? Selecting the Proper Tolerance Band - Lessons from SwedenAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars
2018Under Threat: Rules-Based Fiscal Policy and How to Preserve ItDebrun, Xavier; Jonung, Lars
2018Revisiting Public Support for the Euro, 1999-2017: Accounting for the Crisis and the RecoveryRoth, Felix; Baake, Edgar; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann, Felicitas
2018Revisiting public support for the euro, 1999-2017: Accounting for the crisis and the recoveryRoth, Felix; Baake, E.; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2018Lessons for Iceland from the Monetary Policy of SwedenAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars