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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Determinants of Export Performance in East and Southeast AsiaJongwanich, Juthathip
2008 Inflation in Developing Asia: Demand-Pull or Cost-Push?Jongwanich, Juthathip; Park, Donghyun
2009 What Makes Developing Asia Resilient in a Financially Globalized World?Ito, Hiro; Jongwanich, Juthathip; Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko
2009 The Decline of Investment in East Asia since the Asian Financial Crisis: An Overview and Empirical ExaminationPark, Dong-hyun; Shin, Kwanho; Jongwanich, Juthathip
2009 Trade Structure and the Transmission of Economic Distress in the High-Income OECD Countries to Developing AsiaJongwanich, Juthathip; E. James, William; J. Minor, Peter; Greenbaum, Alexander
2009 Determinants of Structural Changes of Food Exports from Developing CountriesJongwanich, Juthathip; Magtibay-Ramos, Nedelyn
2009 Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate, Misalignment, and Export Performance in Developing AsiaJongwanich, Juthathip
2009 Impact of Food Safety Standards on Processed Food Exports from Developing CountriesJongwanich, Juthathip
2010 Capital Flows and Real Exchange Rates in Emerging Asian CountriesJongwanich, Juthathip
2011 Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions and Financial Development: Evidence from Emerging AsiaBrooks , Douglas H.; Jongwanich, Juthathip
2011 When are Capital Controls Effective? Evidence from Malaysia and ThailandJongwanich, Juthathip; Socorro Gochoco-Bautista, Maria; Lee, Jong-Wha
2016 Determinants of consumer price inflation versus producer price inflation in AsiaJongwanich, Juthathip; Wongcharoen, Petchtharin; Park, Donghyun
2019 Capital account policies in emerging Asian economies: Are they effective in the 2000s?Jongwanich, Juthathip