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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001The impact of physician preferences and patient habits on the diffusion of new drugsJohannesson, Magnus; Lundin, Douglas
2003Confidence interval estimation tasks and the economics of overconfidenceCesarini, David; Sandewall, Örjan; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Time is not moneyEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Reciprocity in young childrenDahlman, Sandra; Ljungqvist, Pontus; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Testing guilt aversionEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Tjøtta, Sigve; Torsvik, Gaute
2007Trust and truthEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Lilja, Jannie; Zetterqvist, Henrik
2007The cost of lyingLundquist, Tobias; Ellingsen, Tore; Gribbe, Erik; Johannesson, Magnus
2007Genetic influences on economic preferencesCesarini, David; Dawes, Christopher T.; Johannesson, Magnus; Lichtenstein, Paul; Wallace, Björn
2007Anticipated verbal feedback induces altruistic behaviorEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2007GenerosityEllingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus
2008Is Financial Risk-Taking Behavior Genetically Transmitted?Cesarini, David; Johannesson, Magnus; Lichtenstein, Paul; Sandewall, Örjan; Wallace, Björn
2009The Co-twin Methodology and Returns to Schooling: Testing a Critical AssumptionSandewall, Örjan; Cesarini, David; Johannesson, Magnus
2010Are boys discriminated in Swedish high schools?Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn; Höglin, Erik; Johannesson, Magnus
2011Ethnic discrimination in high school grading: Evidence from a field experimentTyrefors Hinnerich, Björn; Höglin, Erik; Johannesson, Magnus
2011Do people care about context? Framing effects in dictator gamesDreber, Anna; Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Rand, David G.
2012Generosity and Political PreferencesDawes, Christopher T.; Johannesson, Magnus; Lindqvist, Erik; Loewen, Peter; Östling, Robert; Bonde, Marianne; Priks, Frida
2012Do Women Have a Less Entrepreneurial Personality?Bengtsson, Ola; Sanandaji, Tino; Johannesson, Magnus
2015Does gender diversity promote non-conformity?Amini, Makan; Ekström, Mathias; Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Strömsten, Fredrik
2015Subliminal influence on generosityAndersson, Ola; Miettinen, Topi; Hytönen, Kaisa; Johannesson, Magnus; Stephan, Ute
20202D:4D and self-employment using SOEP data: A replication studyFossen, Frank M.; Neyse, Levent; Johannesson, Magnus; Dreber, Anna