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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Measuring the immeasurable: a survey of substainability indicesBöhringer, Christoph; Jochem, Patrick
2008 CO2 Emission Reduction in Freight Transports How to Stimulate Environmental Friendly Behaviour?Bühler, Georg; Jochem, Patrick
2011 Exploring the factors driving automotive exports in OECD countriesJochem, Patrick; Schleich, Joachim
2012 Exploring the drivers behind automotive exports in OECD countries: An empirical analysisJochem, Patrick; Schleich, Joachim
2013 How to integrate electric vehicles in the future energy system?Jochem, Patrick; Kaschub, Thomas; Fichtner, Wolf
2013 Eine netnografische Analyse der Nutzererfahrungen mit E-RollernPaetz, Alexandra-Gwyn; Landzettel, Lisa; Jochem, Patrick; Fichtner, Wolf
2014 Potentials for Electric Vehicles in France, Germany, and IndiaDudenhöffer, Kathrin; Arora, Rahul; Diverrez, Alizée; Ensslen, Axel; Jochem, Patrick; Tücking, Jasmin
2015 On the road to an electric mobility mass market - How can early adopters be characterized?Ensslen, Axel; Paetz, Alexandra-Gwyn; Babrowski, Sonja; Jochem, Patrick; Fichtner, Wolf
2015 Real-world fuel economy and CO2 emissions of plug-in hybrid electric vehiclesPlötz, Patrick; Funke, Simon; Jochem, Patrick
2016 Metaheuristics for online drive train efficiency optimization in electric vehiclesApitzsch, Tilman; Klöffer, Christian; Jochem, Patrick; Doppelbauer, Martin; Fichtner, Wolf
2016 Vergleichsstudie von Systemansätzen für das Schnellladen von ElektrofahrzeugenSchäuble, Johannes; Balaban, Silvia; Krasselt, Peter; Jochem, Patrick; Özkan, Mahmut; Schellhas-Mende, Friederike; Fichtner, Wolf; Leibfried, Thomas; Raabe, Oliver
2019 A study on free-floating carsharing in Europe: Impacts of car2go and DriveNow on modal shift, vehicle ownership, vehicle kilometers traveled, and CO2 emissions in 11 European citiesFromm, Hansjörg; Ewald, Lukas; Frankenhauser, Dominik; Ensslen, Axel; Jochem, Patrick
2020 Demand response through decentralized optimization in residential areas with wind and photovoltaicsDengiz, Thomas; Jochem, Patrick; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Two-stage stochastic program optimizing the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles in commercial fleetsSchücking, Maximilian; Jochem, Patrick