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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Scale economies and the dynamics of recurring auctionsJeitschko, Thomas D.; Wolfstetter, Elmar
1999Auctions when bidders prepare by investing in ideasJeitschko, Thomas D.; Wolfstetter, Elmar
2000Auctions when Bidders Prepare by Investing in IdeasJeitschko, Thomas D.; Wolfstetter, Elmar G.
2001Financial Intermediation and Entry DeterrenceJain, Neelam; Jeitschko, Thomas D.; Mirman, Leonard J.
2004Can fear cause economic collapse? Insights from an experimental studyGuarino, Antonio; Huck, Steffen; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2009Signal-Jamming in a Sequential AuctionDing, Wei; Jeitschko, Thomas D.; Wolfstetter, Elmar G.
2011Signaling, Learning and Screening Prior to Trial: Informational Implications of Preliminary InjunctionsJeitschko, Thomas D.; Kim, Byung-Cheol
2011Signaling in deterministic and stochastic settingsJeitschko, Thomas D.; Normann, Hans-Theo
2012Adverse Effects of Patent Pooling on Product Development and CommercializationJeitschko, Thomas D.; Zhang, Nanyun
2012Shipping the Good Apples Out Under Asymmetric InformationCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2012Endogenous Entry in Markets with Unobserved QualityCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2013Adverse effects of patent pooling on product development and commercializationJeitschko, Thomas D.; Zhang, Nanyun
2013NYSE changing hands: Antitrust and attempted acquisitions of an erstwhile monopolyJeitschko, Thomas D.
2014Bundling and joint marketing by rival firmsJeitschko, Thomas D.; Jung, Yeonjei; Kim, Jaesoo
2014Homogeneous platform competition with endogenous homingJeitschko, Thomas D.; Tremblay, Mark J.
2015Incongruities of real and intellectual property: Economic concerns in patent policy and practiceJeitschko, Thomas D.
2016Information acquisition, signaling and learning in duopolyJeitschko, Thomas D.; Liu, Ting; Wang, Tao
2017What past U.S. agency actions say about complexity in merger remedies, with an application to generic drug divestituresEmch, Eric; Jeitschko, Thomas D.; Zhou, Arthur
2018A cautionary note on using hotelling models in platform marketsJeitschko, Thomas D.; Kim, Soo Jin; Yankelevich, Aleksandr
2019Welfare effects of certification under latent adverse selectionCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.; Sim, Kyoungbo