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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Inflation Differentials among Czech HouseholdsHait, Pavel; Janský, Petr
2014Impact of changes in excise duties on households in the Czech RepublicJanský, Petr
2014Consumer demand system estimation and value added tax reforms in the Czech RepublicJanský, Petr
2016Fiscal decentralization and the shadow economyJanský, Petr; Palanský, Miroslav
2017Global distribution of revenue loss from tax avoidance: Re-estimation and country resultsCobham, Alex; Janský, Petr
2018How do regional price levels affect income inequality? Household-level evidence from 21 countriesJanský, Petr; Šedivý, Marek
2018Estimating the scale of profit shifting and tax revenue losses related to foreign direct investmentJanský, Petr; Palanský, Miroslav
2019Multinational corporations and tax havens: Evidence from country-by-country reportingGarcia-Bernardo, Javier; Janský, Petr; Tørsløv, Thomas
2019The US corporate income tax reform and its implications for the EUJanský, Petr
2019The progress of global financial transparency: Evidence from the financial secrecy index 2009-2018Janský, Petr; Palanský, Miroslav
2019The costs of tax havens: Evidence from industry-level dataJanský, Petr
2019Tax treaties worldwide: Estimating elasticities and revenue foregoneJanský, Petr; Lázniécka, Jan
2020The Corporate Tax Haven Index: A new geography of profit shiftingAtes, Leyla; Cobham, Alex; Harari, Moran; Janský, Petr; Meinzer, Markus; Millan-Narotzky, Lucas; Palanský, Miroslav
2020Corporate profit misalignment: Evidence from German headquarter companies and their foreign affiliatesGodar, Sarah; Janský, Petr
2020Multinational corporations' effective tax rates: Evidence from orbisJanský, Petr; Garcia-Bernardo, Javier; Torslov, Thomas
2020Country-by-country reporting and other financial transparency measures affecting the European UnionJanský, Petr; Knobel, Andres; Meinzer, Markus; Palanská, Tereza
2021Profit shifting of multinational corporations in the European Union: Evidence and policy reformsJanský, Petr
2022Fiscal consequences of corporate tax avoidanceBilicka, Katarzyna; Dubinina, Evgeniya; Janský, Petr
2022The excess profits during Covid-19 and their tax revenue potentialDubinina, Evgeniya; Garcia-Bernardo, Javier; Janský, Petr
2022Illicit financial flows and country-by-country reporting in extractive industriesStausholm, Saila; Janský, Petr; Šedivý, Marek