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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cooperation in Empty Container LogisticsJahn, Carlos; Schlingmeier, Johannes
2014Vision of a Service Value Network in Maritime Container LogisticsBöse, Jürgen W.; Jahn, Carlos; Sarin, Raman
2015Cost Functions in Freight Transport ModelsBrümmerstedt, Katrin; Flitsch, Verena; Jahn, Carlos
2017Reducing truck congestion at ports - classification and trendsLange, Ann-Kathrin; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos
2017Digitalization in Maritime and Sustainable Logistics: City Logistics, Port Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Digital AgeJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2017Literature classification on dispatching of container terminal vehiclesSchwientek, Anne Kathrina; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Jahn, Carlos
2018Logistics 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Innovative Solutions for Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Context of Industry 4.0Jahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2018Influence of drayage patterns on truck appointment systemsLange, Ann-Kathrin; Kühl, Kristof Ole; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos
2018Integrating layout planning and simulation for logistic nodesSchwientek, Anne Kathrina; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Holzner, Markus; Thomsen, Margit; Jahn, Carlos
2019Business analytics on AIS data: Potentials, limitations and perspectivesScheidweiler, Tina; Jahn, Carlos
2019Current state and trends in tramp ship routing and schedulingPache, Hannah; Kastner, Marvin; Jahn, Carlos
2019Potential of non-port slot booking systems for TASLange, Ann-Kathrin; Krüger, Stephan; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos
2019Simulation-based optimization at container terminals: A literature reviewKastner, Marvin; Pache, Hannah; Jahn, Carlos
2019Modelling of spare parts storage strategies for offshore windJäger-Roschko, Moritz; Weigell, Jürgen; Jahn, Carlos
2019Digital Transformation in Maritime and City Logistics: Smart Solutions for LogisticsJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2020State of research in arctic maritime logisticsIlin, Igior; Kersten, Wolfgang; Jahn, Carlos; Weigell, Jürgen; Levina, Anastasia; Kalyazina, Sofia
2020Impact of port layouts on inter-terminal-transportation networksNellen, Nicole; Poeting, Moritz; Bschorer, Kristina; Jahn, Carlos; Clausen, Uwe
2020Equipment selection and layout planning - Literature overview and research directionsKastner, Marvin; Kämmerling, Nicolas; Jahn, Carlos; Clausen, Uwe
2020Sustainability in arctic maritime supply chainsWeigell, Jürgen; Ilin, Igor; Maydanova, Svetlana; Dubgorn, Alissa; Jahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang
2020Tactical planning in tramp shipping - A literature reviewPache, Hannah; Grafelmann, Michaela; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos