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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Is Job Stability in the United States Falling?Jaeger, David A.; Stevens, Ann Huff
2002 Estimating the Returns to Education Using the Newest Current Population Survey Education QuestionsJaeger, David A.
2002 Natives, the Foreign-Born and High School Equivalents: New Evidence on the Returns to the GEDClark, Melissa A.; Jaeger, David A.
2005 The cycle of violence? An empirical analysis of fatalities in the Palestinian-Israeli conflictJaeger, David A.; Paserman, Marco Daniele
2006 Green cards and the location choices of immigrants in the United States, 1971 - 2000Jaeger, David A.
2006 Israel, the Palestinian factions, and the cycle of violenceJaeger, David A.; Paserman, Marco Daniele
2007 The persistence of self-employment across borders: new evidence on legal immigrants to the United StatesAkee, Randall K. Q.; Jaeger, David A.; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
2007 Direct evidence on risk attitudes and migrationJaeger, David A.
2007 The shape of things to come? Assessing the effectiveness of suicide attacks and targeted killingsJaeger, David A.; Paserman, Marco Daniele
2008 The struggle for Palestinian hearts and minds: violence and public opinion in the second intifadaJaeger, David A.; Klor, Esteban F.; Miaari, Sami H.; Paserman, Marco Daniele
2009 The economic diversity of immigration across the United StatesFriedberg, Rachel M.; Jaeger, David A.
2009 On the sensitivity of return to schooling estimates to estimation methods, model specification, and influential outliers if identification is weakJaeger, David A.; Parys, Juliane
2011 Are drone strikes effective in Afghanistan and Pakistan? On the dynamics of violence between the United States and the TalibanJaeger, David A.; Siddique, Zahra
2012 How immigration may affect US native entrepreneurship: Theoretical building blocks and preliminary resultsDuleep, Harriet Orcutt; Jaeger, David A.; Regets, Mark
2016 Does Reality TV Induce Real Effects? On the Questionable Association Between 16 and Pregnant and Teenage ChildbearingJaeger, David A.; Joyce, Theodore J.; Kaestner, Robert
2018 Shift-Share Instruments and the Impact of ImmigrationJaeger, David A.; Ruist, Joakim; Stuhler, Jan
2019 Tweet Sixteen and Pregnant: Missing Links in the Causal Chain from Reality TV to Fertility. A replication study of Kearney & Levine (American Economic Review, 2015)Jaeger, David A.; Joyce, Theodore J.; Kaestner, Robert
2020 The Demand for InternsJaeger, David A.; Nunley, John M.; Seals, Jr., R. Alan; Wilbrandt, Eric J.