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2008 Globalisation and the euro area: simulation based analysis using the New Area Wide ModelStraub, Roland; Jacquinot, Pascal
2010 Can we prevent boom-bust cycles during euro area accession?Brzoza-Brzezina, Michał; Jacquinot, Pascal; Kolasa, Marcin
2010 The EAGLE. A model for policy analysis of macroeconomic interdependence in the euro areaGomes, Sandra; Jacquinot, Pascal; Pisani, Massimiliano
2010 Global policy at the zero lower bound in a large-scale DSGE modelGomes, Sandra; Jacquinot, Pascal; Mestre, Ricardo; Sousa, João
2011 Structural reforms and macroeconomic performance in the euro area countries: a model-based assessmentGomes, Sandra; Jacquinot, Pascal; Mohr, Matthias; Pisani, Massimiliano
2014 Fiscal devaluation in the euro area: a model-based analysisGomes, Sandra; Jacquinot, Pascal; Pisani, Massimiliano
2014 The effects of government spending in a small open economy within a monetary unionClancy, Daragh; Jacquinot, Pascal; Lozej, Matija
2014 Potential output from a euro area perspectiveAnderton, Robert; Aranki, Ted; Dieppe, Alistair; Elding, Catherine; Haroutunian, Stephan; Jacquinot, Pascal; Jarvis, Valerie; Labhard, Vincent; Rusinova, Desislava; Szörfi, Béla
2016 EAGLE-FLI. A macroeconomic model of banking and financial interdependence in the euro areaBokan, Nikola; Gerali, Andrea; Gomes, Sandra; Jacquinot, Pascal; Pisani, Massimiliano
2016 Parsing financial fragmentation in the euro area: a multi-country DSGE perspectiveDarracq Pariès, Matthieu; Jacquinot, Pascal; Papadopoulou, Niki
2018 Labour tax reforms, cross-country coordination and the monetary policy stance in the euro area: A structural model-based approachJacquinot, Pascal; Pisani, Massimiliano; Lozej, Matija
2020 Macroeconomic effects of tariffs shocks: The role of the effective lower bound and the labour marketJacquinot, Pascal; Lozej, Matija; Pisani, Massimiliano
2020 Economic consequences of high public debt: Evidence from three large scale DSGE modelsBurriel, Pablo; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Jacquinot, Pascal; Schön, Matthias; Stähler, Nikolai