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2016Phronesis and Resource Curse Hypothesis in Post-Independent Sierra LeoneJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Book Review of Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models. (2nd Ed) Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2015. 282pp ISBN: 978-1-62273-030-8 (Hardcover) written by Josh L. Torres.Jackson, Emerson Abraham
2018On the question of the relevance of Economics as a science: Postmodern filosofia critiqueJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Theoretical and Methodological Context of (Post)-Modern Econometrics and Competing Philosophical Discourses for Policy PrescriptionJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Modelling Monthly Headline Consumer Price Index (HCPI) through Seasonal Box-Jenkins MethodologyJackson, Emerson Abraham; Sillah, Abdulai; Tamuke, Edmund
2018Critical Review of Sampling Procedures in the Context of Sierra Leone's Low Literacy (and Under-resourced) Research CommunitiesJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Political Economy of Forest Ecology in Sierra Leone: A focus on the Western Area Peninsular Forest (WAPFoR)Jackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Moodle Platform: A Case of Flexible Corporate Learning in the Financial Sector in Sierra LeoneJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018Opportunities, Challenges and Ethical Considerations as Insider-Researcher for a Community-Based Research in Redressing Livelihood Sustainability IssuesJackson, Emerson Abraham
2019Predicting disaggregated tourist arrivals in Sierra Leone using ARIMA modelJackson, Emerson Abraham; Tamuke, Edmund
2019Understanding Market Failure in the Developing Country ContextJackson, Emerson Abraham; Jabbie, Mohamed
2022The impact of fiscal dominance on macroeconomic performance in Sierra Leone: a DSGE simulation approachBarrie, Mohamed Samba; Jackson, Emerson Abraham
2023Estimating the Impact of Official and Parallel Exchange Rates on Inflation in Sierra Leone.Barrie, Mohamed Samba; Jackson, Emerson Abraham; Pessima, Joseph
2024The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: A Theoretical Review of its Impact on Teaching and Learning in the Digital AgeJackson, Emerson Abraham
2024Economic Theory of InflationJackson, Emerson Abraham
2024Economics of Fiscal Dominance and Ramifications for the Discharge of Effective Monetary Policy TransmissionJackson, Emerson Abraham