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2016 Phronesis and Resource Curse Hypothesis in Post-Independent Sierra LeoneJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Opportunities, Challenges and Ethical Considerations as Insider-Researcher for a Community-Based Research in Redressing Livelihood Sustainability IssuesJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Moodle Platform: A Case of Flexible Corporate Learning in the Financial Sector in Sierra LeoneJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Theoretical and Methodological Context of (Post)-Modern Econometrics and Competing Philosophical Discourses for Policy PrescriptionJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Book Review of Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models. (2nd Ed) Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2015. 282pp ISBN: 978-1-62273-030-8 (Hardcover) written by Josh L. Torres.Jackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Modelling Monthly Headline Consumer Price Index (HCPI) through Seasonal Box-Jenkins MethodologyJackson, Emerson Abraham; Sillah, Abdulai; Tamuke, Edmund
2018 Political Economy of Forest Ecology in Sierra Leone: A focus on the Western Area Peninsular Forest (WAPFoR)Jackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 On the question of the relevance of Economics as a science: Postmodern filosofia critiqueJackson, Emerson Abraham
2018 Critical Review of Sampling Procedures in the Context of Sierra Leone's Low Literacy (and Under-resourced) Research CommunitiesJackson, Emerson Abraham
2019 Understanding Market Failure in the Developing Country ContextJackson, Emerson Abraham; Jabbie, Mohamed
2019 Predicting disaggregated tourist arrivals in Sierra Leone using ARIMA modelJackson, Emerson Abraham; Tamuke, Edmund
2019 Systemic health care failure as a symptom of Market Failure in Sierra LeoneJackson, Emerson Abraham