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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Nominal wage adjustment, demand shortage and economic policyOno, Yoshiyasu; Ishida, Junichiro
2009 Domestic competition and foreign direct investment in unionized oligopolyIshida, Junichiro; Matsushima, Noriaki
2009 Cheap talk with an informed receiverIshida, Junichiro; Shimizu, Takashi
2009 Why hierarchy? Communication and information acquisition in organizationsIshida, Junichiro
2010 Vision and flexibility in a model of cognitive dissonanceIshida, Junichiro
2010 Market competition, R&D and firm profits in asymmetric oligopolyIshida, Junichiro; Matsumura, Toshihiro; Matsushima, Noriaki
2011 Seeking harmony amidst diversity: Consensus building with network externalitiesChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2011 Autonomy and motivation: A dual-self perspectiveIshida, Junichiro
2012 Dynamically sabotage-proof tournamentsIshida, Junichiro
2012 Asking one too many? Why leaders need to be decisiveIshida, Junichiro; Shimizu, Takashi
2012 Promotion without commitment: Signaling, time inconsistency and decentralization of the firmIshida, Junichiro
2012 Can more information facilitate communication?Ishida, Junichiro; Shimizu, Takashi
2013 Auctions versus negotiations: The role of price discriminationChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2013 Multilayered tournamentsIshida, Junichiro
2014 Careerist experts and political incorrectnessChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2014 Hierarchies versus committees: Communication and information acquisition in organizationsIshida, Junichiro
2015 A tenure-clock problemChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2015 Hierarchical experimentationChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2017 Rewarding mediocrity? Optimal regulation of R&D markets with reputation concernsChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro
2017 A war of attrition with experimenting playersChen, Chia-Hui; Ishida, Junichiro