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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Trade Union Objectives and Economic GrowthIrmen, Andreas; Wigger, Berthold
2005 On the long-run evolution of technological knowledgeHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2006 Something out of nothing? : Neoclassical growth and the "Trivial" steady StateHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2007 Factor substitution, income distribution, and growth in a generalized neoclassical modelIrmen, Andreas; Klump, Rainer
2007 Long-Run Growth and the Evolution of Technological KnowledgeHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2007 Factor Substitution, Income Distribution, and Growth in a Generalized Neoclassical ModelIrmen, Andreas; Klump, Rainer
2008 Cross-country income differences and technology diffusion in a competitive worldIrmen, Andreas
2008 Population, pensions, and endogenous economic growthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas
2008 Productive Government Expenditure and Economic GrowthIrmen, Andreas; Kühnel, Johanna
2008 Cross-Country Income Differences and Technology Diffusion in a Competitive WorldIrmen, Andreas
2008 Population, Pensions, and Endogenous Economic GrowthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas
2008 Productive government expenditure and economic growthIrmen, Andreas; Kuehnel, Johanna
2009 Population Aging and the Direction of Technical ChangeIrmen, Andreas
2009 On wage policies and unemploymentIrmen, Andreas
2009 Population aging and the direction of technical changeIrmen, Andreas
2010 Steady-State Growth and the Elasticity of SubstitutionIrmen, Andreas
2010 Beschäftigungswirkungen verringerter Sozialleistungen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt – Was bewirkt Hartz IV?Irmen, Andreas; Lipponer, Christoph
2010 Steady-state growth and the elasticity of substitutionIrmen, Andreas
2011 Ist Wirtschaftswachstum systemimmanent?Irmen, Andreas
2011 Property rights, optimal public enforcement, and growthIrmen, Andreas; Kuehnel, Johanna