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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Trade Union Objectives and Economic GrowthIrmen, Andreas; Wigger, Berthold
2005 On the long-run evolution of technological knowledgeHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2006 Something out of nothing? : Neoclassical growth and the "Trivial" steady StateHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2007 Factor Substitution, Income Distribution, and Growth in a Generalized Neoclassical ModelIrmen, Andreas; Klump, Rainer
2007 Long-Run Growth and the Evolution of Technological KnowledgeHakenes, Hendrik; Irmen, Andreas
2007 Factor substitution, income distribution, and growth in a generalized neoclassical modelIrmen, Andreas; Klump, Rainer
2008 Cross-Country Income Differences and Technology Diffusion in a Competitive WorldIrmen, Andreas
2008 Population, Pensions, and Endogenous Economic GrowthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas
2008 Productive Government Expenditure and Economic GrowthIrmen, Andreas; Kühnel, Johanna
2008 Productive government expenditure and economic growthIrmen, Andreas; Kuehnel, Johanna
2008 Cross-country income differences and technology diffusion in a competitive worldIrmen, Andreas
2008 Population, pensions, and endogenous economic growthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas
2009 Population Aging and the Direction of Technical ChangeIrmen, Andreas
2009 On wage policies and unemploymentIrmen, Andreas
2009 Population aging and the direction of technical changeIrmen, Andreas
2010 Beschäftigungswirkungen verringerter Sozialleistungen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt – Was bewirkt Hartz IV?Irmen, Andreas; Lipponer, Christoph
2010 Steady-State Growth and the Elasticity of SubstitutionIrmen, Andreas
2010 Steady-state growth and the elasticity of substitutionIrmen, Andreas
2011 Ist Wirtschaftswachstum systemimmanent?Irmen, Andreas
2011 Property rights, optimal public enforcement, and growthIrmen, Andreas; Kuehnel, Johanna