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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Is there Really a European Business Cycle?Inklaar, Robert; de Haan, Jakob
2003 Restructuring the ECBBerger, Helge; de Haan, Jakob; Inklaar, Robert
2005 Trade and business cycle synchronization in OECD countries : a re-examinationInklaar, Robert; Jong-A-Pin, Richard; de Haan, Jakob
2008 The value of risk: Measuring the service output of U.S. commercial banksBasu, Susanto; Inklaar, Robert; Wang, J. Christina
2009 Productivity in the Financial Services SectorBikker, Jacob A.; Casu, Barbara; Girardone, Claudia; Chaffai, Mohamed E; Dietsch, Michel; Colangelo, Antonio; Inklaar, Robert; Colagiovanni, Marco; Czurda, Martin; Hartmann, Roger; Maria, Charles-Henri Di; Metzler, Sandy; Erber, Georg; Madlener, Reinhard; Guarda, Paolo; Rouabah, Abdelaziz; Kenjegalieva, Karligash; Weyman-Jones, Tom; Kosak, Marko; Zoric, Jelena; Mersch, Yves; Molyneux, Phil; Niederkorn, Marc; Papanikolaou, Nikolaos
2010 Structural change in OECD comparative advantageBrakman, Steven; Inklaar, Robert; van Marrewijk, Charles
2010 Banking sector output measurement in the euro area - a modified approachColangelo, Antonio; Inklaar, Robert
2011 Real output of bank services: What counts is what banks do, not what they ownInklaar, Robert; Wang, J. Christina
2012 Who's afraid of big bad banks? Bank competition, SME, and industry growthInklaar, Robert; Koetter, Michael; Noth, Felix
2017 Vintage effects in human capital: Europe versus the United StatesInklaar, Robert; Papakonstantinou, Marianna