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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Market structure, bargaining, and technology choiceInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2000Influence costs and hierarchyInderst, Roman; Müller, Holger M.; Wärneryd, Karl
2001Bargaining, mergers, and technology choice in bilaterally oligopolistic industriesInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2001The incentives for takeover in oligopolyInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2003Buyer power and supplier incentivesInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2004The Incentives for Takeover in OligopolyInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2005Buyer Power and Supplier IncentivesInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2005How Strong Buyers Spur Upstream InnovationInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2006Financing a portfolio of projectsInderst, Roman; Mueller, Holger M.; Münnich, Felix
2006A lender-based theory of collateralInderst, Roman; Mueller, Holger M.
2007Konzentrations-"Plus" im Einzelhandel - aber Verbraucher nicht automatisch im NachteilInderst, Roman; Wey, Christian
2008Krise des Bankensystems: zu viel Finanzinnovationen, zu wenig Regulierung?Kaserer, Christoph; Burghof, Hans-Peter; Prothmann, Felix; Schiereck, Dirk; Inderst, Roman
2008Retail finance: Bringing in the supply sideInderst, Roman
2008Selling Service Plans to Differentially Informed CustomersInderst, Roman; Peitz, Martin
2009"Irresponsible lending" with a better informed lenderInderst, Roman
2009Loan origination under soft- and hard-information lendingInderst, Roman
2009Innovation, endogenous overinvestment, and incentive payInderst, Roman; Klein, Manuel
2009Bank capital structure and credit decisionsInderst, Roman; Müller, Holger
2009Misselling through agentsInderst, Roman; Ottaviani, Marco
2009Early-stage financing and firm growth in new industriesInderst, Roman; Müller, Holger