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1998Combining Panel Data Sets with Attrition and Refreshment SamplesHirano, Keisuke; Imbens, Guido W.; Ridder, Geert; Rubin, Donald B.
2003Confidence intervals for partially identified parametersImbens, Guido W.; Manski, Charles F.
2006Re-employment probabilities over the business cycleImbens, Guido W.; Lynch, Lisa M.
2006Moving the goalposts: addressing limited overlap in estimation of average treatment effects by changing the estimandCrump, Richard K.; Hotz, V. Joseph; Imbens, Guido W.; Mitnik, Oscar A.
2006Nonparametric tests for treatment effect heterogeneityCrump, Richard K.; Hotz, V. Joseph; Imbens, Guido W.; Mitnik, Oscar A.
2008Recent developments in the econometrics of program evaluationImbens, Guido W.; Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.
2009A martingale representation for matching estimatorsAbadie, Alberto; Imbens, Guido W.
2009Optimal bandwidth choice for the regression discontinuity estimatorImbens, Guido W.; Kalyanaraman, Karthik
2014Instrumental Variables: An Econometrician's PerspectiveImbens, Guido W.
2014Complementarity and aggregate implications of assortative matching: A nonparametric analysisGraham, Bryan S.; Imbens, Guido W.; Ridder, Geert
2014Matching Methods in Practice: Three ExamplesImbens, Guido W.
2016Identification and efficiency bounds for the average match function under conditionally exogenous matchingGraham, Bryan S.; Imbens, Guido W.; Ridder, Geert
2023Synthetic Difference-in-Differences EstimationClarke, Damian; PailaƱir, Daniel; Athey, Susan; Imbens, Guido W.