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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Tariffs, time preference, and the current account under weakly nonseparable preferencesIkeda, Shinsuke
2001 On decreasing impatienceHirose, Ken-ichi; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2001 Heterogeneous habits and the transfer paradoxGombi, Ichiro; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2004 Decreasing marginal impatience in a monetary growth modelHirose, Ken-Ichi; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2004 Habit formation in an interdependent world economyIkeda, Shinsuke; Gombi, Ichiro
2008 Time discounting: The delay effect and procrastinating behaviorSasaki, Shunichiro; Xie, Shiyu; Ikeda, Shinsuke; Qin, Jie; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2009 Fat debtors: Time discounting, its anomalies, and body mass indexIkeda, Shinsuke; Kang, Myong-Il; Ohtake, Fumio
2010 Global habits, habit differentials, and international macroeconomic adjustment to income shocksIkeda, Shinsuke; Gombi, Ichiro
2010 Time discounting and smoking behavior under tax hikesKang, Myong-Il; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2011 Generalized hyperbolic discounting, borrowing aversion, and debt holdingIkeda, Shinsuke; Kang, Myong-Il
2013 Decreasing marginal impatience and capital accumulation in a two-country world economyHirose, Ken-Ichi; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2013 Time discounting, present biases, and health-related behaviorKang, Myong-Il; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2013 Time preference and dynamic stability in an N-country world economyHirose, Ken-Ichi; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2013 Thankworthy parental altruism and children's habit-formationZhang, Lin; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2017 Time discounting, ambiguity aversion, and preferences for future environmental policies: Evidence from discrete choice experimentsHirata, Kenjiro; Ikeda, Shinsuke; Ikefuji, Masako; Kang, Myong-Il; Yamada, Katsunori
2017 Intergenerational transmission of authoritative parenting style: Evidence from JapanZhang, Lin; Ikeda, Shinsuke
2020 COVID-19 enhanced diminishing sensitivity in prospect-theory risk preferences: A panel analysisIkeda, Shinsuke; Yamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro