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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Regional structural change and growth in RomaniaTraistaru, Iulia; Iara, Anna; Pauna, Carmen
2003 How flexible are wages in EU accession countries?Iara, Anna; Traistaru, Iulia
2004 Integration, Regional Specialization and Growth Differentials in EU Acceding Countries: Evidence from HungaryIara, Anna; Traistaru, Iulia
2004 How Flexible are Wages in EU Accession Countries?Iara, Anna; Traistaru, Iulia
2005 Regional growth in Hungary - The impact of European economic integrationIara, Anna
2006 Skill Diffusion by Temporary Migration? Returns to Western European Working Experience in the EU Accession CountriesIara, Anna
2006 The Impact of Romania's Accession to the EU on the Austrian EconomyHunya, Gabor; Iara, Anna
2006 Skill diffusion by temporary migration? Returns to Western European working experience in the EU-accession countriesIara, Anna
2008 Western Balkan Countries: Adjustment Capacity to External Shocks, with a Focus on Labour MarketsGligorov, Vladimir; Iara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Migration and Commuting Propensity in the New EU Member StatesIara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Podkaminer, Leon; Römisch, Roman; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 Skill Diffusion by Temporary Migration? Returns to Western European Work Experience in Central and East European CountriesIara, Anna
2009 The Effect of Work Migration on Domestic Labour Supply in AlbaniaIara, Anna
2010 Migration, Skills and ProductivityHierländer, Robert; Huber, Peter; Iara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Nowotny, Klaus; O'Mahony, Mary; Peng, Fei; Robinson, Catherine; Stehrer, Robert
2011 Rules and risk in the euro areaIara, Anna; Wolff, Guntram B.
2016 Revenue for EMU: A Contribution to the Debate on Fiscal UnionIara, Anna
2016 On the future of EMU: Targeted reforms instead of more fiscal integrationMatthes, Jürgen; Iara, Anna
2016 Die Zukunft der Europäischen Währungsunion: Ist mehr fiskalische Integration unverzichtbar?Matthes, Jürgen; Iara, Anna; Busch, Berthold