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1997 Should the Nordic Countries Join A European Monetary Union? An Empirical Analysis.Bergman, U. Michael; Hutchison, Michael M.; Cheung, Yin-Wong
1999 Is Sterilized Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective After All? An Event Study Approach.Fatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
1999 The 'German View' and Consumption Booms: Empirical Evidence from DenmarkBergman, U. Michael; Hutchison, Michael M.
1999 Banking and Currency Crises: How Common Are Twins?Glick, Reuven; Hutchison, Michael M.
2000 European Banking Distress and EMU: Institutional and Macroeconomic Risks.Hutchison, Michael M.
2001 A Cure Worse Than The Disease? Currency Crises and the Output Costs of IMF-Supported Stabilization Programs.Hutchison, Michael M.
2002 How Bad Are Twins? Output Costs of Currency and Banking CrisesHutchison, Michael M.; Neuberger, Ilan
2002 ECB Foreign Exchange Intervention and the Euro: Institutional Framework, News and InterventionFatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
2002 Is Foreign Exchange Market Intervention an Alternative to Monetary Policy? Evidence from JapanFatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
2002 Sudden Stops and the Mexican Wave: Currency Crises, Capital Flow Reversals and Output Loss in Emerging MarketsHutchison, Michael M.; Noy, Ilan
2004 Selection Bias and the Output Costs of IMF ProgramsHutchison, Michael M.
2005 Foreign Exchange Intervention and Monetary Policy in Japan, 2003-04Fatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
2005 The Great Japanese Stagnation: Lessons for Industrial CountriesHutchison, Michael M.; Ito, Takatoshi; Westermann, Frank
2006 Evaluating foreign exchange market intervention: Self-selection, counterfactuals and average treatment effectsFatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
2006 Evaluating Foreign Exchange Market Intervention: Self-Selection, Counterfactuals and Average Treatment EffectsFatum, Rasmus; Hutchison, Michael M.
2007 Fiscal and monetary policies and the cost of sudden stopsHutchison, Michael M.; Noy, Ilan; Wang, Lidan
2010 India's trilemma: Financial liberalization, exchange rates and monetary policyHutchison, Michael M.; Sengupta, Rajeswari; Singh, Nirvikar
2010 Monetary regime switches in India: Policy or structure?Hutchison, Michael M.; Sengupta, Rajeswari; Singh, Nirvikar