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2003R&D and Subsidies at the Firm Level: An Application of Parametric and Semi-Parametric Two-Step Selection ModelsHussinger, Katrin
2004The Link Between R&D Subsidies, R&D Spending and Technological PerformanceCzarnitzki, Dirk; Hussinger, Katrin
2004Is Silence Golden? Patents versus Secrecy at the Firm LevelHussinger, Katrin
2004Export Behavior and Firm Productivity in German Manufacturing: A Firm-level AnalysisArnold, Jens Matthias; Hussinger, Katrin
2005Die Wirkungsanalyse staatlicher Förderprogramme durch den Einsatz von Matching- und Selektionsmodellen am Beispiel der FertigungstechnikFier, Andreas; Heger, Diana; Hussinger, Katrin
2005Did Concentration on Core Competencies Drive Merger and Acquisition Activities in the 1990s? Empirical Evidence for GermanyHussinger, Katrin
2005Exports versus FDI in German Manufacturing: Firm Performance and Participation in International MarketsArnold, Jens Matthias; Hussinger, Katrin
2005Is Silence Golden? Patents versus Secrecy at the Firm LevelHussinger, Katrin
2006An empirical assessment of co-activity among German professorsCzarnitzki, Dirk; Glänzel, Wolfgang; Hussinger, Katrin
2006The Role of Technology in M&As: A Firm Level Comparison of Cross-Border and Domestic DealsFrey, Rainer; Hussinger, Katrin
2006Exports versus FDI in German manufacturing: firm performance and participation in international marketsArnold, Jens Matthias; Hussinger, Katrin
2006The role of technology in M&As: a firm-level comparison of cross-border and domestic dealsFrey, Rainer; Hussinger, Katrin
2007Heterogeneity of Patenting Activity and Its Implications for Scientific ResearchCzarnitzki, Dirk; Glänzel, Wolfgang; Hussinger, Katrin
2007Inventors? Response to Firm AcquisitionsHussinger, Katrin
2007Pre-empting Technology Competition Through Firm AcquisitionsGrimpe, Christoph; Hussinger, Katrin
2007Firm Acquisitions and Technology Strategy: Corporate versus Private Equity InvestorsHussinger, Katrin; Grimpe, Christoph
2008Market and Technology Access Through Firm Acquisitions: Beyond One Size Fits AllHussinger, Katrin; Grimpe, Christoph
2008Commercializing Academic Research: The Quality of Faculty PatentingCzarnitzki, Dirk; Hussinger, Katrin; Schneider, Cedric
2008Building and Blocking: The Two Faces of Technology AcquisitionGrimpe, Christoph; Hussinger, Katrin
2008Formal and Informal Technology Transfer from Academia to Industry: Complementarity Effects and Innovation PerformanceGrimpe, Christoph; Hussinger, Katrin