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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996Bertrand Price Competition in a Social EnvironmentTieman, Xander F.; van der Laan, Gerard; Houba, Harold
1998Counter Intuitive Results in a Simple Model of Wage NegotiationsHouba, Harold; van Lomwel, Gijsbert
2001Idiosyncratic and Aggregate Time-Varying Mutation Rates in Coordination GamesHouba, Harold; Tieman, Alexander F.
2005Stochastic Orders of Proposing Players in BargainingHouba, Harold
2005Alternating Offers in Economic EnvironmentsHouba, Harold
2006Perfect Equilibria in a Negotiation Model with Different Time PreferencesHouba, Harold; Wen, Quan
2006Computing Alternating Offers and Water Prices in Bilateral River Basin ManagementHouba, Harold
2007Extreme Equilibria in a General Negotiation ModelHouba, Harold; Wen, Quan
2008Maximal Cartel Pricing and Leniency ProgramsHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2008The Unique-lowest Sealed-bid AuctionHouba, Harold; van der Laan, Dinard; Veldhuizen, Dirk
2009Environmental damage and price taking behaviour by firms and consumersHouba, Harold; Kremers, Hans
2009The Effects of Leniency on Maximal Cartel PricingHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2009Stone Age EquilibriumHouba, Harold; Weikard, Hans-Peter
2009Environmental Damage and Price Taking Behaviour by Firms and ConsumersHouba, Harold; Kremers, Hans
2010The Condorcet Paradox RevisitedHerings, P. Jean-Jacques; Houba, Harold
2010Market Power in Water MarketsAnsink, Erik; Houba, Harold
2010Competitive Prices as Profit-Maximizing Cartel PricesHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2011Antitrust Enforcement and Marginal DeterrenceHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2012Market Power in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets with Nonexpandable InfrastructuresFunaki, Yukihiko; Houba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia
2013Saving Private ParetoHouba, Harold; Luttens, Roland Iwan; Weikard, Hans-Peter