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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Bertrand Price Competition in a Social EnvironmentTieman, Xander F.; van der Laan, Gerard; Houba, Harold
1998 Counter Intuitive Results in a Simple Model of Wage NegotiationsHouba, Harold; van Lomwel, Gijsbert
2001 Idiosyncratic and Aggregate Time-Varying Mutation Rates in Coordination GamesHouba, Harold; Tieman, Alexander F.
2005 Alternating Offers in Economic EnvironmentsHouba, Harold
2005 Stochastic Orders of Proposing Players in BargainingHouba, Harold
2006 Computing Alternating Offers and Water Prices in Bilateral River Basin ManagementHouba, Harold
2006 Perfect Equilibria in a Negotiation Model with Different Time PreferencesHouba, Harold; Wen, Quan
2007 Extreme Equilibria in a General Negotiation ModelHouba, Harold; Wen, Quan
2008 Maximal Cartel Pricing and Leniency ProgramsHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2008 The Unique-lowest Sealed-bid AuctionHouba, Harold; van der Laan, Dinard; Veldhuizen, Dirk
2009 Environmental damage and price taking behaviour by firms and consumersHouba, Harold; Kremers, Hans
2009 The Effects of Leniency on Maximal Cartel PricingHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2009 Environmental Damage and Price Taking Behaviour by Firms and ConsumersHouba, Harold; Kremers, Hans
2009 Stone Age EquilibriumHouba, Harold; Weikard, Hans-Peter
2010 Market Power in Water MarketsAnsink, Erik; Houba, Harold
2010 Competitive Prices as Profit-Maximizing Cartel PricesHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2010 The Condorcet Paradox RevisitedHerings, P. Jean-Jacques; Houba, Harold
2011 Antitrust Enforcement and Marginal DeterrenceHouba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia; Wen, Quan
2012 Market Power in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets with Nonexpandable InfrastructuresFunaki, Yukihiko; Houba, Harold; Motchenkova, Evgenia
2013 Asymmetric Nash Solutions in the River Sharing ProblemHouba, Harold; van der Laan, Gerard; Zeng, Yuyu