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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Reform redux: measurement, determinants and reversalsCampos, Nauro F.; Horváth, Roman
2007 Volatility of exchange rates in selected new EU members: evidence from daily dataFidrmuc, Jarko; Horváth, Roman
2008 Corporate Interest Rates and the Financial Accelerator in the Czech RepublicFidrmuc, Jarko; Horváth, Roman; Horváthová, Eva
2008 Inflation differentials in EU new member states: An empirical evidenceHorváth, Roman; Koprnická, Kamila
2008 Price setting and market structure: An empirical analysis of micro dataCoricelli, Fabrizio; Horváth, Roman
2008 How important are foreign shocks in small open economy? The case of SlovakiaHorváth, Roman; Rusnák, Marek
2009 Interest margins determinants of Czech banksHorváth, Roman
2010 How does monetary policy change? Evidence on inflation targeting countriesBaxa, Jaromír; Horváth, Roman; Vašíček, Bořek
2011 Research & development and long-term economic growth: A Bayesian model averaging analysisHorváth, Roman
2011 Central banks' voting records and future policyHorváth, Roman; Šmídková, Kateřina; Zápal, Jan
2011 How are inflation targets set?Horváth, Roman; Matějů, Jakub
2011 How to solve the price puzzle? A meta-analysisRusnák, Marek; Havránek, Tomáš; Horváth, Roman
2012 Bank Capital and liquidity creation: Granger causality evidenceHorváth, Roman; Seidler, Jakub; Weill, Laurent
2012 Stock market comovements in Central Europe: Evidence from asymmetric DCC modelGjika, Dritan; Horváth, Roman
2012 Does Trust Promote Growth?Horváth, Roman
2012 On the reversibility of structural reformsCampos, Nauro F.; Horváth, Roman
2012 Bank capital and liquidity creation: Granger-causality evidenceHorváth, Roman; Seidler, Jakub; Weill, Laurent
2012 International Stock market integration: Central and South Eastern Europe comparedHorváth, Roman; Petrovski, Dragan
2012 Dissent voting behavior of central bankers: What do we really know?Horváth, Roman; Rusnák, Marek; Šmídková, Kateřina; Zápal, Jan
2012 Central bank transparency and financial stability: Measurement, determinants and effectsHorváth, Roman; Vaško, Dan