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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Competition Policy in an Open EconomyFrancois, Joseph F.; Horn, Henrik
1998 Endogenous Mergers in Concentrated MarketsPersson, Lars; Horn, Henrik
1999 The Equilibrium Ownership of an International OligopolyHorn, Henrik; Persson, Lars
2006 Antitrust in Open EconomiesFrancois, Joseph; Horn, Henrik
2006 National Treatment in the GATTHorn, Henrik
2006 Trade Agreements as Endogenously Incomplete ContractsHorn, Henrik; Maggi, Giovanni; Staiger, Rikard W.
2006 A Survey of the Literature on the WTO Dispute Settlement SystemHorn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2008 Trading Profiles and Developing Country Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement SystemFrancois, Joseph; Horn, Henrik; Kaunitz, Niklas
2008 Winners and Losers in the Panel Stage of the WTO Dispute Settlement SystemHoekman , Bernard; Horn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2008 The Permissible Reach of National Environmental PoliciesHorn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2008 The WTO Dispute Settlement System 1995–-2006: Some Descriptive StatisticsHorn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2009 The Burden of Proof in National Treatment Disputes and the EnvironmentHorn, Henrik
2009 Burden of Proof in Environmental Disputes in the WTO: Legal AspectsHorn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2011 The WTO Dispute Settlement System 1995-2010: Some Descriptive StatisticsHorn, Henrik; Johannesson, Louise; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2012 Why the WTO? An Introduction to the Economics of Trade AgreementsGrossman, Gene M.; Horn, Henrik
2012 The Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law: National TreatmentGrossman, Gene M.; Horn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.
2013 The ECJ judgment on the extensions of the ETS to aviation: An economist's discontentHorn, Henrik
2013 In the Shadow of the DSU: Addressing Specific Trade Concerns in the WTO SPS and TBT CommitteesHorn, Henrik; Mavroides, Petros C.; Wijkström, Erik N.
2013 The time WTO panels require to issue reportsHorn, Henrik
2013 Multilateral environmental agreements in the WTO: Silence speaks volumesHorn, Henrik; Mavroidis, Petros C.