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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Az oktatási elszámoltathatósági rendszerek elméleteHorn, Dániel
2011 A munkakereslet nemzetközi tendenciáiHorn, Dániel
2011 Social Transformation and the Transition from Vocational Education to WorkNoelke, Clemens; Horn, Dániel
2011 How inequality of opportunity and mean student performance are related? - A quantile regression approach using PISA dataHermann, Zoltán; Horn, Dániel
2014 A tanoncképzés rövidtávú munkaerőpiaci hatásaiHorn, Dániel
2014 The Effectiveness of Apprenticeship Training - a within track comparison of workplace-based and school-based vocational training in HungaryHorn, Dániel
2015 "Economic development" and gender equality: Explaining variations in the gender poverty gap after socialismFodor, Éva; Horn, Dániel
2015 Az érettségi védelmébenHajdu, Tamás; Hermann, Zoltán; Horn, Dániel; Kertesi, Gábor; Kézdi, Gábor; Köllő, János; Varga, Júlia
2016 Decreased tracking, increased earning: Evidence from the comprehensive Polish educational reform of 1999Drucker, Luca Flóra; Horn, Dániel
2017 Which preferences associate with school performance? Lessons from a university classroom experimentHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
2017 Using machine learning to model interaction effects in education: A graphical approachSchiltz, Fritz; Masci, Chiara; Agasisti, Tommaso; Horn, Dániel
2017 Human capital effects of kindergarten and school enrolment timingSzabó-Morvai, Ágnes; Horn, Dániel; Lovász, Anna; De Witte, Kristof
2018 Does it matter when your smartest peers leave your class? Evidence from HungarySchiltz, Fritz; Mazrekaj, Deni; Horn, Dániel; De Witte, Kristof
2019 Time preferences and their life outcome correlates: Evidence from a representative surveyHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János