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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Beschäftigung im Umweltsektor in Deutschland Eine empirische Analyse auf der Basis des IAB-BetriebspanelsHorbach, Jens; Blien, Uwe; von Hauf, Michael
2002 Structural change and environmental Kuznets curvesHorbach, Jens
2003 Employment and Innovations in the Environmental Sector: Determinants and Econometrical Results for GermanyHorbach, Jens
2004 Environmental Policy Tools and Firm-Level Management Practices: Empirical Evidence for GermanyFrondel, Manuel; Horbach, Jens; Rennings, Klaus; Requate, Till
2004 End-of-Pipe or Cleaner Production? An Empirical Comparison of Environmental Innovation Decisions Across OECD CountriesFrondel, Manuel; Horbach, Jens; Rennings, Klaus
2004 What Triggers Environmental Management and Innovation? - Empirical Evidence for GermanyRennings, Klaus; Horbach, Jens; Frondel, Manuel
2006 Determinants of Environmental Innovation - New Evidence from German Panel Data SourcesHorbach, Jens
2008 Structural change and performance of the German environmental sectorHorbach, Jens; Blien, Uwe; von Hauff, Michael
2008 The impact of innovation activities on employment in the environmental sector: Empirical results for Germany at the firm levelHorbach, Jens
2011 Determinants of eco-innovations by type of environmental impact. The role of regulatory push/pull, technology push and market pullHorbach, Jens; Rammer, Christian; Rennings, Klaus
2012 Lead markets for clean coal technologies: A case study for China, Germany, Japan and the USAHorbach, Jens; Chen, Qian; Rennings, Klaus; Vögele, Stefan
2012 Environmental innovation and employment dynamics in different technology fields: An analysis based on the German community innovation survey 2009Horbach, Jens; Rennings, Klaus
2013 Do eco-innovations need specific regional characteristics? An econometric analysis for GermanyHorbach, Jens
2014 Determinants of labor shortage: With particular focus on the German environmental sectorHorbach, Jens
2015 The role of innovation and agglomeration for employment growth in the environmental sectorHorbach, Jens; Janser, Markus
2016 The impact of resource efficiency measures on performance in small and medium-sized enterprisesHorbach, Jens
2016 Impacts of regulation on eco-innovation and job creationHorbach, Jens
2016 The role of innovation and agglomeration for employment growth in the environmental sectorHorbach, Jens; Janser, Markus
2017 Energy transition in Germany and regional spillovers: What triggers the diffusion of renewable energy in firms?Horbach, Jens; Rammer, Christian
2017 The relevance of personal characteristics and gender diversity for (eco)-innovation activities at the firm-level: Results from a linked employer-employee database in GermanyHorbach, Jens; Jacob, Jojo