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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Measuring systematic monetary policyHoover, Kevin D.; Jordá, Oscar
2000 Truth and robustness in cross-country growth regressionsHoover, Kevin D.; Perez, Stephen J.
2001 Measuring systematic monetary policyHoover, Kevin D.; Jordà, Òscar
2003 Searching for the Causal Structure of a Vector AutoregressionHoover, Kevin D.; Demiralp, Selva
2004 Milton Friedman's stance: the methodology of causal realismHoover, Kevin D.
2004 A NeoWicksellian in a new classical world: the methodology of Michael Woodford's Interest and PricesHoover, Kevin D.
2005 Economic theory and causal inferenceHoover, Kevin D.
2005 Dr. Keynes: economic theory in a diagnostic scienceHoover, Kevin D.
2006 A bootstrap method for identifying and evaluating a structural vector autoregressionHoover, Kevin D.; Demiralp, Selva; Perez, Stephen J.
2009 John Maynard Keynes of Bloomsbury: Four short talksGoodwin, Craufurd D. W.; Weintraub, E. Roy; Hoover, Kevin D.; Caldwell, Bruce
2010 Microfoundational programsHoover, Kevin D.
2011 Observing shocksDuarte, Pedro Garcia; Hoover, Kevin D.
2012 Man and Machine in MacroeconomicsHoover, Kevin D.
2012 On the Reception of Haavelmo's Econometric ThoughtHoover, Kevin D.
2012 The Role of Hypothesis Testing in the Molding of Econometric ModelsHoover, Kevin D.
2012 Against Psychosis: A Review of Roman Frydman & Michael D. Goldberg's Beyond Mechanical Markets: Asset Price Swings, Risk, and the Role of the StateHoover, Kevin D.
2012 Was Harrod Right?Hoover, Kevin D.
2013 Solow's Harrod: Transforming Cyclical Dynamics into a Model of Long-run GrowthHalsmayer, Verena; Hoover, Kevin D.
2013 In the Kingdom of Solovia: The Rise of Growth Economics at MIT, 1956-1970Boianovsky, Mauro; Hoover, Kevin D.
2013 The Ontological Status of Shocks and Trends in MacroeconomicsHoover, Kevin D.