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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Success and Failure of Technical Trading Strategies in the Cocoa Futures MarketBoswijk, Peter; Griffioen, Gerwin; Hommes, Cars
2001 Bifurcation Routes to Volatility ClusteringGaunersdorfer, Andrea; Hommes, Cars; Wagener, Florian O.O.
2003 Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing ExperimentsHommes, Cars; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan; van de Velden, Henk
2005 Heterogeneous Agent Models: Two Simple Case StudiesHommes, Cars
2006 More Hedging Instruments may destablize MarketsBrock, William; Hommes, Cars; Wagener, Florian
2006 Testing for Nonlinear Structure and Chaos in Economic Time. A Comment.Hommes, Cars; Manzan, Sebastiano
2006 Interacting Agents in FinanceHommes, Cars
2008 Complex Evolutionary Systems in Behavioral FinanceHommes, Cars; Wagener, Florian
2008 Individual expectations and aggregate behavior in learning to forecast experimentsHommes, Cars; Lux, Thomas
2009 Interest Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stability under Heterogeneous ExpectationsAnufriev, Mikhail; Assenza, Tiziana; Hommes, Cars; Massaro, Domenico
2012 Learning, Forecasting and Optimizing: An Experimental StudyBao, Te; Duffy, John; Hommes, Cars
2012 Individual Expectations, Limited Rationality and Aggregate OutcomesBao, Te; Hommes, Cars; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan
2013 Animal Spirits, Heterogeneous Expectations and the Emergence of Booms and BustsAssenza, Tiziana; Brock, William; Hommes, Cars
2013 Behaviorally Rational Expectations and Almost Self-Fulfilling EquilibriaHommes, Cars
2013 Reflexivity, Expectations Feedback and almost Self-fulfilling Equilibria: Economic Theory, Empirical Evidence and Laboratory ExperimentsHommes, Cars
2013 Individual Expectations and Aggregate Macro BehaviorAssenza, Tiziana; Heemeijer, Peter; Hommes, Cars; Massaro, Domenico
2013 Behavioral Heterogeneity in U.S. Inflation DynamicsCornea, Adriana; Hommes, Cars; Massaro, Domenico
2013 Innovate or imitate? Behavioural Technological ChangeHommes, Cars; Zeppini, Paolo
2013 Behavioral Learning EquilibriaHommes, Cars; Zhu, Mei
2014 PQ Strategies in Monopolistic Competition: Some Insights from the LabAssenza, Tiziana; Grazzini, Jakob; Hommes, Cars; Massaro, Domenico