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1993Consumer Demand in a General Equilibrium Model for Environmental AnalysisAasness, Jørgen; Holtsmark, Bjart
2003The Kyoto Protocol without USA and Australia - with the Russian Federation as a strategic permit sellerHoltsmark, Bjart
2005Global per capita CO2 emissions - stable in the long run?Holtsmark, Bjart
2005Cap-and-Trade or Carbon Taxes? The Feasibility of Enforcement and the Effects of Non-ComplianceHovi, Jon; Holtsmark, Bjart
2007Pareto-efficient climate agreementsAsheim, Geir B.; Holtsmark, Bjart
2008Pareto-efficient climate agreements can always be renegotiation-proofAsheim, Geir B.; Holtsmark, Bjart
2009Does the Clean Development Mechanism have a viable future?Hagem, Cathrine; Holtsmark, Bjart
2010International emissions trading with endogenous taxesGodal, Odd; Holtsmark, Bjart
2010Use of wood fuels from boreal forests will create a biofuel carbon debt with a long payback timeHoltsmark, Bjart
2012Optimal harvest age considering multiple carbon pools - a commentHoltsmark, Bjart; Hoel, Michael; Holtsmark, Katinka
2012Faustmann and the climateHoel, Michael; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka
2012Faustmann and the ClimateHoel, Michael; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka
2012International emissions trading in a noncooperative climate policy gameHoltsmark, Bjart; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2012Mechanism design for refunding emissions paymentHagem, Cathrine; Holtsmark, Bjart; Sterner, Thomas
2012Faustmann and the climateHoel, Michael; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka
2014A comparison of the global warming effects of wood fuels and fossil fuels taking albedo into accountHoltsmark, Bjart
2016Carbon dynamics related to tree planting on new areas in NorwayHoltsmark, Bjart
2018On the effects of linking voluntary cap-and-trade systems for CO2 emissionsWeitzman, Martin L.; Holtsmark, Bjart
2019The costs of taxation in the presence of inequalityValseth, Åsmund Sunde; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka
2019Is the marginal cost of public funds equal to one?Holtsmark, Bjart