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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Can Land Rregistration and Certification Reduce Land Border Conflicts?Holden, Stein T.; Deininger, Klaus; Ghebru, Hosaena
2011Welfare Effects of Market Friendly Land Reforms in UgandaTatwangire, Alex; Holden, Stein T.
2011Livestock and Land Share Contracts in a Hindu SocietyAryal, Jeetendra P.; Holden, Stein T.
2011Caste, Land and Labor Market Imperfections, and Land Productivity in Rural NepalAryal, Jeetendra P.; Holden, Stein T.
2011Caste Discrimination, Land Reforms and Land Market Performance in NepalAryal, Jeetendra P.; Holden, Stein T.
2011Household Welfare Effects of Low-cost Land Certification in EthiopiaHolden, Stein T.; Ghebru, Hosaena
2012Reverse Share-Tenancy and Marshallian Inefficiency: Bargaining Power of Landowners and the Sharecroppers' ProductivityGhebru, Hosaena H.; Holden, Stein T.
2013Generosity and social distance in dictator game field experiments with and without a faceBezu, Sosina; Holden, Stein T.
2015Risk Preferences, Shocks and Technology Adoption: Farmers' Responses to Drought RiskHolden, Stein T.
2016Links between Tenure Security and Food Security in Poor Agrarian Economies: Causal Linkages and Policy ImplicationsHolden, Stein T.; Ghebru, Hosaena
2016Landbrukseiendommer og jordleie i Rissa kommuneHolden, Stein T.
2016A Land Tenure Module for LSMSHolden, Stein T.; Ali, Daniel; Deininger, Klaus; Hilhorst, Thea
2016Jordleie og bruksstruktur i tre norske kommunerHolden, Stein T.; Berge, Erling; Sjaastad, Espen O.; Strand, Geir H.; Steinsholt, HÃ¥vard
2016Youth as Environmental Custodians: A Potential Tragedy or A Sustainable Business and Livelihood Model?Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017Food for Work and Diet Diversity in EthiopiaDebela, Bethelhem Legesse; Shively, Gerald E.; Holden, Stein T.
2017Adoption of Soil Fertility Management Technologies in Malawi: Impact of Drought ExposureKatengeza, Samson P.; Holden, Stein T.; Fisher, Monica
2017The importance of Ostrom's design principles: Youth group performance in Northern EthiopiaHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017Is Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Program Enhancing Dependency?Araya, Girma Behe; Holden, Stein T.
2017Probability Weighting and Input Use Intensity in a State-Contingent FrameworkHolden, Stein T.; Quiggin, John
2017Adoption of CA technologies among Followers of Lead Farmers: How Strong is the Influence from Lead Farmers?Fisher, Monica; Holden, Stein T.; Katengeza, Samson P.