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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 A real differential view of equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignmentsHoffmann, Mathias; MacDonald, Ronald
2003 A Re-examination of the Link between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate DifferentialsHoffmann, Mathias; MacDonald, Ronald
2003 Intra-and International Risk-Sharing in the Short Run and the Long RunBecker, Sascha O.; Hoffmann, Mathias
2004 Inflation dynamics and the cost channel of monetary transmissionChowdhury, Ibrahim; Hoffmann, Mathias; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Consumption, wealth and business cycles in GermanyHamburg, Britta; Hoffmann, Mathias; Keller, Joachim
2005 Fixed versus flexible exchange rates: Evidence from developing countriesHoffmann, Mathias
2005 Saving, investment and the net foreign asset positionHoffmann, Mathias
2005 Compensating wages under different exchange rate regimesHoffmann, Mathias
2005 Consumption, wealth and business cycles: why is Germany different?Hamburg, Britta; Hoffmann, Mathias; Keller, Joachim
2006 The Poole analysis in the new open economy macroeconomic frameworkHoffmann, Mathias; Kempa, Bernd
2006 Proprietary income, entrepreneurial risk, and the predictability of US stock returnsHoffmann, Mathias
2006 Balanced Growth and Empirical Proxies of the Consumption-Wealth RatioHoffmann, Mathias
2006 The Home Bias and Capital Income Flows between Countries and RegionsArtis, Michael J.; Hoffmann, Mathias
2006 Proprietary Income, Entrepreneurial Risk, and the Predictability of U.S. Stock ReturnsHoffmann, Mathias
2007 The timing and magnitude of exchange rate overshootingHoffmann, Mathias; Søndergaard, Jens; Westelius, Niklas J.
2008 Integration of financial markets and national price levels: the role of exchange rate volatilityHoffmann, Mathias; Tillmann, Peter
2008 International financial markets' influence on the welfare performance of alternative exchange rate regimesHoffmann, Mathias
2008 Equity fund ownership and the cross-regional diversification of household riskBecker, Sascha O.; Hoffmann, Mathias
2009 Transmission of nominal exchange rate changes to export prices and trade flows and implications for exchange rate policyHoffmann, Mathias; Holtemöller, Oliver
2009 Deciding to peg the exchange rate in developing countries: the role of private-sector debtHarms, Philipp; Hoffmann, Mathias