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2007Geldpolitik, vagabundierende Liquidität und platzende Blasen in neuen aufstrebenden MärktenHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2007Monetary policy, vagabonding liquidity and bursting bubbles in new and emerging markets: an overinvestment viewSchnabl, Gunther; Hoffmann, Andreas
2009A vicious cycle of manias, crashes and asymmetric policy responses : an overinvestment viewHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2010The theory of optimum currency areas and growth in emerging marketsSchnabl, Gunther; Hoffmann, Andreas
2011National Monetary Policy, Internatinal Economic Instability and Feeback Effects - An Overinvestment ViewHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2011Symmetrische Regeln und asymmetrisches Handeln in der Geld- und FinanzpolitikHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2011Determinants of carry trades in Central and Eastern EuropeHoffmann, Andreas
2012Financial repression and debt liquidation in the USA and the euro areaHoffmann, Andreas; Zemanek, Holger
2012Order, displacements and recurring financial crisesHoffmann, Andreas; Urbansky, Björn
2012Did the Fed and ECB react asymmetrically with respect to asset market developments?Hoffmann, Andreas
2013Low interest rate policy and the use of reserve requirements in emerging marketsHoffmann, Andreas; Loeffler, Axel
2013The euro as a proxy for the classical gold standard? Government debt financing and political commitment in historical perspectiveHoffmann, Andreas
2014The idea of a social cycleCallahan, Gene; Hoffmann, Andreas
2014Monetary Policies of Large Industrialised Countries, Emerging Market Credit Cycles and Feedback EffectsHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2016Adverse Effects of Ultra-Loose Monetary Policies on Investment, Growth and Income DistributionHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2018Warum der frühe Ausstieg aus der finanziellen Repression lohntHoffmann, Andreas; Schnabl, Gunther
2019Beware of Financial Repression: Lessons from HistoryHoffmann, Andreas