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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988 The Oil Market as an OligopolyBerger, Kjell; Hoel, Michael; Holden, Steinar; Olsen, Øystein
1998 Taxes versus quotas for a stock pollutantHoel, Michael; Karp, Larry S.
1999 Taxes and Quotas for a Stock Pollutant with Multiplicative UncertaintyHoel, Michael; Karp, Larry
2000 Should taxes be reduced to offset a higher oil price (Pro and contra) : contra - taxes on motor fuel should not be reducedHoel, Michael
2000 Private health care as a supplement to a public health system with waiting time for treatmentHoel, Michael; Sæther, Erik Magnus
2000 Transboundary environmental problems with a mobile population: Is there a need for central policy?Hoel, Michael; Shapiro, Perry
2000 Genetic testing when there is a mix of public and private health insuranceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor
2001 Public Health Care with Waiting Time: The Role of Supplementary Private Health CareHoel, Michael; Sæther, Erik Magnus
2001 Population Mobility and Transboundary Environmental ProblemsHoel, Michael; Shapiro, Perry
2001 Genetic Testing When There is a Mix of Compulsory and Voluntary Health InsuranceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor
2001 Allocating greenhouse gas emissions among countries with mobile populationsHoel, Michael
2001 Domestic inefficiencies caused by transboundary pollution problems when there is no international coordination of environmental policiesHoel, Michael
2003 Climate policy under technology spilloversGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2003 Genetic testing and repulsion from chanceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor; Nilssen, Tore; Vislie, Jon
2003 Climate Policy under Technology SpilloversGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2004 Genetic Testing and Repulsion from ChanceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor; Nilssen, Tore; Vislie, Jon
2004 Electricity prices in a mixed thermal and hydropower systemHoel, Michael
2004 Unilateral emission reductions when there are cross-country technology spilloversGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2004 Properties of a non-competitive electricity market dominated by hydroelectric powerFørsund, Finn R.; Hoel, Michael
2004 Climate agreements and technology policyGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael