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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988The Oil Market as an OligopolyBerger, Kjell; Hoel, Michael; Holden, Steinar; Olsen, Øystein
1998Taxes versus quotas for a stock pollutantHoel, Michael; Karp, Larry S.
1999Taxes and Quotas for a Stock Pollutant with Multiplicative UncertaintyHoel, Michael; Karp, Larry
2000Genetic testing when there is a mix of public and private health insuranceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor
2000Private health care as a supplement to a public health system with waiting time for treatmentHoel, Michael; Sæther, Erik Magnus
2000Transboundary environmental problems with a mobile population: Is there a need for central policy?Hoel, Michael; Shapiro, Perry
2000Should taxes be reduced to offset a higher oil price (Pro and contra) : contra - taxes on motor fuel should not be reducedHoel, Michael
2001Population Mobility and Transboundary Environmental ProblemsHoel, Michael; Shapiro, Perry
2001Public Health Care with Waiting Time: The Role of Supplementary Private Health CareHoel, Michael; Sæther, Erik Magnus
2001Allocating greenhouse gas emissions among countries with mobile populationsHoel, Michael
2001Genetic Testing When There is a Mix of Compulsory and Voluntary Health InsuranceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor
2001Domestic inefficiencies caused by transboundary pollution problems when there is no international coordination of environmental policiesHoel, Michael
2003Climate policy under technology spilloversGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2003Genetic testing and repulsion from chanceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor; Nilssen, Tore; Vislie, Jon
2003Climate Policy under Technology SpilloversGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2004Climate agreements and technology policyGolombek, Rolf; Hoel, Michael
2004Genetic Testing and Repulsion from ChanceHoel, Michael; Iversen, Tor; Nilssen, Tore; Vislie, Jon
2004Properties of a non-competitive electricity market dominated by hydroelectric powerFørsund, Finn R.; Hoel, Michael
2004Electricity prices in a mixed thermal and hydropower systemHoel, Michael
2004Climate Agreements and Technology PolicyHoel, Michael; Golombek, Rolf