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2013 A simple method to account for measurement errors in revealed preference testsHjertstrand, Per
2013 Revealed preference tests of utility maximization and weak separability of consumption, leisure and money with incomplete adjustmentHjertstrand, Per; Swofford, James L.; Whitney, Gerald A.
2013 What do revealed preference axioms reveal about elasticities of demand?Hjertstrand, Per; Jones, Barry E.
2014 Consistent Subsets – Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman-Maks-IndexHeufer, Jan; Hjertstrand, Per
2014 Homothetic Efficiency. A Non-Parametric ApproachHeufer, Jan; Hjertstrand, Per
2015 Homothetic Efficiency and Test Power: A Non-Parametric ApproachHeufer, Jan; Hjertstrand, Per
2016 Why Entrepreneurs Choose Risky R&D Projects - but still not risky enoughFärnstrand Damsgaard, Erika; Hjertstrand, Per; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Vasconcelos, Helder
2017 Homothetic Preferences RevealedHeufer, Jan; Hjertstrand, Per
2017 Homothetic preferences revealedHeufer, Jan; Hjertstrand, Per
2017 The educated underdog becomes the ultimate superstarHjertstrand, Per; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars
2019 The theory of weak revealed preferenceAguiar, Victor H.; Hjertstrand, Per; Serrano, Roberto
2019 Samuelson's approach to revealed preference theory: Some recent advancesDemuynck, Thomas; Hjertstrand, Per
2019 Index numbers and revealed preference rankingsHjertstrand, Per; Swofford, James L.; Whitney, Gerald A.
2019 Power against random expenditure allocation for revealed preference testsHjertstrand, Per