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2012The market value of variable renewablesHirth, Lion
2012Redistribution effects of energy and climate policy: The electricity marketHirth, Lion; Ueckerdt, Falko
2013The Optimal Share of Variable Renewables. How the Variability of Wind and Solar Power Affects their Welfare-optimal DeploymentHirth, Lion
2013Control Power and Variable Renewables: A Glimpse at German DataHirth, Lion; Ziegenhagen, Inka
2014Why Wind Is Not Coal: On the Economics of ElectricityHirth, Lion; Ueckerdt, Falko; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2015How much Electricity do we Consume? A Guide to German and European Electricity Consumption and Generation DataSchumacher, Maximilian; Hirth, Lion
2018Congestion Management: From Physics to Regulatory InstrumentsHirth, Lion; Glismann, Samuel
2018Eyes on the price: Which power generation technologies set the market price? Price setting in European electricity markets: An application to the proposed Dutch carbon price floorBlume-Werry, Eike; Faber, Thomas; Hirth, Lion; Huber, Claus; Everts, Martin
2018Opening the black box of energy modelling: Strategies and lessons learnedPfenninger, Stefan; Hirth, Lion; Schlecht, Ingmar; Schmid, Eva; Wiese, Frauke; Brown, Tom; Davis, Chris; Gidden, Matthew; Heinrichs, Heidi; Heuberger, Clara; Hilpert, Simon; Krien, Uwe; Matke, Carsten; Nebel, Arjuna; Morrison, Robbie; Müller, Berit; Pleßmann, Guido; Reeg, Matthias; Richstein, Jörn C.; Shivakumar, Abhishek; Staffell, Iain; Tröndle, Tim; Wingenbach, Clemens
2019Markets for Local Flexibility in Distribution NetworksRadecke, Julia; Hefele, Joseph; Hirth, Lion
2019Market-Based Redispatch in Zonal Electricity Markets: Inc-Dec Gaming as a Consequence of Inconsistent Power Market Design (not Market Power)Hirth, Lion; Schlecht, Ingmar
2019Locational investment signals in electricity markets - How to steer the siting of new generation capacity?Eicke, Anselm; Khanna, Tarun; Hirth, Lion
2019Open Power System Data – Frictionless data for electricity system modellingWiese, Frauke; Schlecht, Ingmar; Bunke, Wolf-Dieter; Gerbaulet, Clemens; Hirth, Lion; Jahn, Martin; Kunz, Friedrich; Lorenz, Casimir; Mühlenpfordt, Jonathan; Reimann, Juliane; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2019Reforming the Electric Power Industry in Developing EconomiesDertinger, Andrea; Hirth, Lion
2019Flexible power and hydrogen production: Finding synergy between CCS and variable renewablesCloete, Schalk; Hirth, Lion
2020Locational investment signals - How to steer the siting of new generation capacity in power systems?Eicke, Anselm; Khanna, Tarun; Hirth, Lion
2020Market-Based Redispatch in Zonal Electricity Markets: The Preconditions for and Consequence of Inc-Dec GamingHirth, Lion; Schlecht, Ingmar
2020On capital utilization in the hydrogen economy: The quest to minimize idle capacity in renewables-rich energy systemsCloete, Schalk; Ruhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion
2020Heating with wind: Economics of heat pumps and variable renewablesRuhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion; Praktiknjo, Aaron
2020Electricity balancing as a market equilibrium: Estimating supply and demand of imbalance energyEicke, Anselm; Ruhnau, Oliver; Hirth, Lion