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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Match Bias in Wage Gap Estimates Due to Earnings ImputationHirsch, Barry T.; Schumacher, Edward J.
2003 Reconsidering Union Wage Effects: Surveying New Evidence on an Old TopicHirsch, Barry T.
2003 Evaluating the Labor Market Performance of Veterans Using a Matched Comparison Group DesignMehay, Stephen L.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2003 Wages, Sorting on Skill, and the Racial Composition of JobsMacpherson, David A.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2003 What Do Unions Do for Economic Performance?Hirsch, Barry T.
2004 Why Do Part-Time Workers Earn Less? : The Role of Worker and Job SkillsHirsch, Barry T.
2004 Classic Monopsony or New Monopsony? : Searching for Evidence in Nursing Labor MarketsSchumacher, Edward J.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2005 Match bias from earnings imputation in the current population survey: the case of imperfect matchingBollinger, Christopher R.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2006 Wage determination in the US airline industry: union power under product market constraintsHirsch, Barry T.
2006 The rise and fall of private sector unionism: what next for the NLRA?Hirsch, Jeffrey M.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2007 College majors and the knowledge content of jobsFreeman, James A.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2007 Sluggish institutions in a dynamic world: can unions and industrial competition coexist?Hirsch, Barry T.
2008 Wage gaps large and smallHirsch, Barry T.
2008 Underpaid or overpaid? Wage analysis for nurses using job and worker attributesHirsch, Barry T.; Schumacher, Edward J.
2009 Lessons from the laureatesBreit, William; Hirsch, Barry T.
2010 Unions, dynamism, and economic performanceHirsch, Barry T.
2010 Is earnings nonresponse ignorable?Bollinger, Christopher R.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2010 Is earnings nonresponse ignorable?Bollinger, Christopher R.; Hirsch, Barry T.
2011 Minimum wage channels of adjustmentHirsch, Barry T.; Kaufman, Bruce E.; Zelenska, Tetyana
2012 Unions, wage gaps, and wage dispersion: New evidence from the AmericasRios-Avila, Fernando; Hirsch, Barry T.