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2006Estimating the Value of Safety with Labor Market Data: Are the Results Trustworthy?Hintermann, Beat; Alberini, Anna; Markandya, Anil
2011Market effects of voluntary climate action by firms: Evidence from the Chicago Climate ExchangeGans, Will; Hintermann, Beat
2012Learning abatement costs: On the dynamics of optimal regulation of experience goodsHintermann, Beat; Lange, Andreas
2013Valuation of public investment to support bicycling (FV-09)Hintermann, Beat; Götschi, Thomas
2013Carbon Content of Electricity Futures in Phase II of the EU ETSFell, Harrison; Hintermann, Beat; Vollebergh, Herman R. J.
2013Market Power in Emission Permit Markets: Theory and EvidenceHintermann, Beat
2014Pass-through of CO2 Emission Costs to Hourly Electricity Prices in GermanyHintermann, Beat
2014Social Planning and Economic CoercionHintermann, Beat; Rutherford, Thomas F.
2014Price and market behavior in Phase II of the EU ETSHintermann, Beat; Peterson, Sonja; Rickels, Wilfried
2014Valuing Public Investments to Support BicyclingGötschi, Thomas; Hintermann, Beat
2016Public Provision and Local Income Tax CompetitionKuhlmey, Florian; Hintermann, Beat
2016Explaining the EUA-CER SpreadGronwald, Marc; Hintermann, Beat
2017The Intricacy of Adapting to Climate Change: Flood Protection as a Local Public Goods GameBondarev, Anton; Hintermann, Beat; Krysiak, Frank C.; Winkler, Ralph
2018The value of extending life at its end: Health care allocation in the presence of learning spilloversHintermann, Beat; Minke, Matthias
2018The welfare costs of tiebout sorting with true public goodsHintermann, Beat; Kuhlmey, Florian
2019Decentralization with porous borders: Public production in a federation with tax competition and spilloversArmbruster, Stephanie; Hintermann, Beat
2020The effect of climate policy on productivity and cost pass-through in the German manufacturing sectorHintermann, Beat; Žarković, Maja; Di Maria, Corrado; Wagner, Ulrich J.
2020Carbon Pricing in Switzerland: A Fusion of Taxes, Command-and-Control, and Permit MarketsHintermann, Beat; Zarkovic, Maja
2020A carbon horse race: Abatement subsidies vs. permit trading in SwitzerlandHintermann, Beat; Žarković, Maja
2020Are emissions trading schemes cost-effective?Di Maria, Corrado; Žarković, Maja; Hintermann, Beat