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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 International Environmental Issue Between India and Bangladesh: Environmental and Socio-economic Effects on the Teesta River AreaFakrul, Islam Md; Higano, Yoshiro
2002 Endogenous derivation of the optimal policy measures to improve the water quality in Barada Basin, SyriaHigano, Yoshiro; Melhem, Rimah
2002 Synthesized technical and socio-economic efficient evaluation of water quality improving devices and technologies: an example of the lake Kasumigaura BasinHigano, Yoshiro; Sakurai, Katsuhiro; Mizunoya, Takeshi; Morioka, Riki
2003 A Study for the Necessity of Risk Assessment for Heavy metal Pollution in the Barada Basin, SyriaMelhem, Rimah; Higano, Yoshiro
2005 Climate Change Strategy and Sustainable Power Technologies in ChinaLi, Bin; Higano, Yoshiro
2005 An Optimal Investment Policy to Control the Land-based Water Pollutant into the Sea of JapanSakurai, Katsuhiro; Mizunoya, Takeshi; Kobayashi, Shintaro; Higano, Yoshiro
2005 An Evaluation of Policy Measures against Global Warming by Promoting Effective Use of Potential Energy in WastesUchida, Susumu; Higano, Yoshiro
2010 Endogenous Derivation of Optimal Environmental Policies for Proper Treatment of Stockbreeding Wastes in the Upstream Region of Miyun Reservoir, BeijingYan, Jingjing; Xu, Feng; Mizunoya, Takeshi; Du, Huanzheng; Higano, Yoshiro
2010 Quantitative Evaluation of the Past Recycling-oriented Society in Japan: An Analysis of the Edo System in the Late 19th CenturySakurai, Katsuhiro; Takahashi, Tetsuya; Kobayashi, Shintaro; Higano, Yoshiro
2010 The Simulation Analysis of Optimal Policy Including Introduction of Biomass Plant Technology for Decreasing Water Pollutions in Jiaxing City, ChinaHigano, Yoshiro; Xu, Feng; Yan, Jingjing; Mizunoya, Takeshi; Du, Huanzheng
2012 Comprehensive Evaluation of Environmental Policy for Water Pollutants Reduction in Jiaxing City, ChinaXu, Feng; Xiang, Nan; Higano, Yoshiro
2013 Reflections on theories of social optimization and their relevance for future city management in JapanHigano, Yoshiro