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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Anonymous electronic trading versus floor tradingFranke, Günter; Hess, Dieter
1998 What a Difference a Day Makes: On the Common Market Microstructure of Trading DaysGerhard, Frank; Hess, Dieter; Pohlmeier, Winfried
1999 SEMIFAR Models, with Applications to Commodities, Exchange Rates and the Volatility of Stock Market IndicesBeran, Jan; Feng, Yuanhua; Franke, Günter; Hess, Dieter; Ocker, Dirk
2000 Do companies exploit accounting rules for broad-based stock option plans? A case studyHess, Dieter; Lueders, Eric
2001 Surprises in U.S. macroeconomic releases: Determinants of their relative impact on T-Bond futuresHess, Dieter
2002 The processing of non-anticipated information in financial markets: Analyzing the impact of surprises in the employment reportHautsch, Nikolaus; Hess, Dieter
2004 Unternehmensfinanzierung in Deutschland: Ist der Finanzplatz Deutschland international wettbewerbsfähig?Hartmann-Wendels, Thomas; Hess, Dieter; Hüther, Michael; Schulz, Horst-Günther
2004 Bayesian learning in financial markets: Testing for the relevance of information precision in price discoveryHautsch, Nikolaus; Hess, Dieter
2007 The early news catches the attention: On the relative price impact of similar economic indicatorsHess, Dieter; Niessen, Alexandra
2011 Optimal leverage, its benefits, and the business cycleHess, Dieter; Immenkötter, Philipp
2011 Extended dividend, cash flow and residual income valuation models: Accounting for deviations from ideal conditionsHeinrichs, Nicolas; Hess, Dieter; Homburg, Carsten; Lorenz, Michael; Sievers, Soenke
2011 Irrationality or efficiency of macroeconomic survey forecasts? Implications from the anchoring bias testHess, Dieter; Orbe, Sebastian
2011 Projected earnings accuracy and the profitability of stock recommendationsHess, Dieter; Kreutzmann, Daniel; Pucker, Oliver
2011 Price adjustment to news with uncertain precisionHautsch, Nikolaus; Hess, Dieter; Müller, Christoph
2014 How much is too much? Debt capacity and financial flexibilityHess, Dieter; Immenkötter, Philipp