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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007The dynamics of Chinese rural households' participation in labor marketsBrosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2007Corruption clubs: empirical evidence from kernel density estimatesHerzfeld, Thomas; Weiss, Christoph
2009Persistence of full- and part-time farming in Southern ChinaBrosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Wang, Xiaobing
2011Cross-national adoption of private food quality standardsHerzfeld, Thomas; Drescher, Larissa S.; Grebitus, Carola
2012Why do farmers behave as they do? Understanding compliance with rural, agricultural, and food attribute standardsHerzfeld, Thomas; Jongeneel, Roel
2012The impact of fiscal policies on agricultural household decisionsGlauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Loy, Jens-Peter; Renner, Swetlana; Hockmann, Heinrich
2012Consumer's stated trust in the food industry and meat purchasesDrescher, Larissa S.; de Jonge, Janneke; Goddard, Ellen; Herzfeld, Thomas
2012Persistent Poverty in Rural China: Where, Why, and How to Escape?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012Farmgate Private Standards and Price Premium: Evidence From the GlobalGAP Scheme in Kenya's French Beans MarketingKariuki, Isaac Maina; Loy, Jens-Peter; Herzfeld, Thomas
2012Nahrungsmittelstandards: Ein Vergleich zweier privatwirtschaftlicher Initiativen aus Sicht landwirtschaftlicher ErzeugerHerzfeld, Thomas; Teuber, Ramona
2012Poverty in China's rural areas: Temporary or chronic?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012Armut in Chinas ländlichen Räumen: Temporär oder chronisch?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012The Russian food, alcohol, and tobacco consumption patterns during transitionRizov, Marian; Herzfeld, Thomas; Huffman, Sonya K.
2013Sozialökonomische Effekte des demographischen Wandels in ländlichen Räumen Sachsen-AnhaltsWeiß, Wolfgang; Wolz, Axel; Herzfeld, Thomas; Fritzsch, Jana
2014Dynamic food demand in Urban ChinaZhou, De; Yu, Xiaohua; Herzfeld, Thomas
2014The dynamics of food, alcohol and cigarette consumption in Russia during transitionHerzfeld, Thomas; Huffman, Sonya; Rizov, Marian
2014Landwirtschaft im ländlichsten Raum: Letzte Hoffnung zur Sicherung der DaseinsvorsorgeWolz, Axel; Weiß, Wolfgang; Herzfeld, Thomas
2014Stagnating Jatropha Biofuel Development in Southwest China: An Institutional ApproachLi, Jia; Bluemling, Bettina; Mol, Arthur P. J.; Herzfeld, Thomas
2014Transport infrastructure and economic growth: Panel data approach for Armenia, Georgia and TurkeyBadalyan, Gohar; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rajcaniova, Miroslava
2014Demographischer Wandel, öffentliche Daseinsvorsorge und Landwirtschaft in den ländlichsten Räumen: Erfahrungen aus Sachsen-AnhaltWolz, Axel; Weiß, Wolfgang; Herzfeld, Thomas